My Bontel 3900 review (An alternative to nokia torch phones)

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Beware, nokia torch is currently faked in the market and getting the good one is quite a task these days.

I have always been a very wonderful fan of this particular phone model designated as nokia torch in a general term which I believe half of Nigerians use as their main phone for calls and private business as a result of its battery lasting capacity. I am proud to say I owned one as it stood in the last three days . Few days back, exactly three days back from today, I happened to visit a friend which along the way the phone happened to fall off from my pocket while I was in the public transport literally coming home from where I went.

I couldn’t help but notice the derangement I suffered immediately I lost the phone which gave me the ADO to rush up to Ekwuluobia main market and make a new purchase and restore my Sim card. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the exact original model I formerly used which left me no choice but to search at random to make a choice. Lastly I was able to stumble upon another lookalike of my former phone and believe me I was very very elated as I found it. Although not made by the same nokia phone company but the product is really something worth a review.

Bontel 3900 spec and price

Color – this particular phone comes in ranges of colors which includes black, yellow, blue, green and lastly white, in which case I happened to be using the yellow colored one.

Keypad – the keypads are positioned such that they serve about 1 inch space apart which enabled a very easy operation of the phone while texting messages or better still picking up mobile numbers. The central selection button has a red half line drawn on it which indicated the menu button alternative.

Torch – the torchlight is not located in the head of the phone like the nokia torch but just in its back. The torch in question is not just a torch but a flashlight which can equally be used while taking cameras.

Camera – we could ascertain that the camera is not too bright as we have used it to take some photos previously and saw the bad side of it. It was designated to be about 2 Mega pixels which Is relatively poor in taking pictures.

Speaker – it has both the front and the back speaker both for answering calls and for playing songs. The use of the back speaker can be extended when the need to use a loud speaker while taking calls arrived.

Battery – the battery capacity is designated as 850mAh with model BL-4C and standard voltage as 3.7v. its battery charging limit is quite unique with figure 4.2v.


Some other apecialised features are internal features which ranges from:




Inbuilt opera browser


Internet explorer

Visit the URL below for a more specialised information on the mobile phone and also use chucks electronics and phone retail shop ekwuluobia just before the ekwuluobia urban mass park for purchase. Alternatively you can call 08167288616 for more specified information on the phone.

You may enjoy using this mobile phone than the nokia torch just as I did.

Visit: for more info.

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