Review of Torch-lantern torch every student should have. Spec and prices. (A must have for every student).

I have used this lantern for quite sometime now and it really served me well considering my lontor lantern spoil few weeks back and I wasn’t financially fit to get myself a new one. My financial status pushed me to the wall so I had to find a means to light up my room by any way possible even if it was candle. Just as I was going to buy the candle stick, I stumbled upon a man selling locally made torch-lantern and I was marveled. I inquired how much it is sold and I was told it is only sold for #150 and wow I could afford it so I went ahead and purchased it alongside its battery and the total was #250.

I took the torch-lantern home and decided to try it out, it served me the first day, the second day and the third. As days turned into weeks it was still seriously serving me satisfactorily up-till date. I only had to change the battery once every new weeks. This torch-lantern have lasted for four weeks and two days in my possession and usage but still haven’t developed any fault unlike many of the foreign lead lantern which uses the wet cell to function.


As a result of my experience using this torch-lantern, I decided to share my review of this torch-lantern so that students who fell in the same predicaments as did I before I bought the lantern would also benefit from this article.

NB: this article is dedicated to the torch-lantern I bought and this post will find its best use with in secondary school students, average or non-financially fit higher institutions students and average parents who couldn’t afford the costly foreign lanterns.

The physical specifications of the torch-lantern

The torch-lantern serves the same length 100cm with body designed with a finger bettery sized hole and opened at one end. The opening at the end is designated to allow the input of batteries to power the lantern. It has a metal rod attached from one end to the other with a V-shape to create for hanging the torch and also for easy mobility if need be. It contains three high definition lead light placed horizontally in its face to produce a bright light and at the right end is a knob for regulating the power (that is switching the torch-lantern ON and OFF). It also constitute firmly wound adhesive tapes in both ends of the configuration so as to hold the metal fitting and the metal end for battery fixation firm.

The torch-lantern colour

So far till we decided to write this review, this torch-lantern have only come in a single color which is the white color but the adhesive tapes differ in color ranging from black, brown yellow, green, blue, red and pink.

The torch-lantern battery durability

Since I have been a witness to the outstanding property of the torch-lantern, I will quote myself ” the torch-lantern lasts for 3-4 days but will lower in brightness on the 5th day and above. So in this effect, it is advised to change the battery every four days so as not to get the torch-lantern itself spoilt by leaving the battery to deposit salts on its metal ends.

The torch-lantern prices

As we stated before, the lantern comes in price which is considered a flat one. The general price of the lantern is known to be #150 and no added price for now.

Number of batteries required

The torch-lantern uses three batteries to function. These batteries are medium finger batteries which we have their examples here as tiger battery and others.

Wrap up

We designed and wrote this post and also called this the TORCH-LANTERN because it serves two purposes which are;

  1. As a torch when holding the metal brace to walk around to illuminate the environment.
  2. As a lantern when fixed to a particular position so as to illuminate a room only and for reading which is the use I find best of it.

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