How To Start A Blog In 2017. A complete Guide For Newbie Bloggers.


How to start a blog in the years past have been a very different approach to how to start a blog/website in this recent times. Following the old method of “how to start a blog” will lead your knowledge to make some silly mistakes which almost every fore blogger made while starting up their blogs and currently they adopt the new method of how to start a blog so as to follow suit.

In this article, I will teach you how to start your own personal/business blog/website in 2017. I know you must be confused about how to start a blog, well you’re considered lucky as we could be of help here.

  1. Starting a blog doesn’t warrant you have technical experience or be a master of some kind but with any little, you can start and kick off very very well.

So let’s get on, first things first, you will have series of questions to ask yourself before you start your own blog and these questions range from “why should I start a blog?”

Why should I start a blog/website?

There are many reasons why one would consider starting a blog. Maybe we could start with a few ones you might have in your head now.

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. Make some cash while working from my comfort zone. I make a considerable income doing what I love (blogging) and I don’t have any doubt that some other bloggers make as much as I do or even more check shoutmeloud income. You must know that making money with a blog isn’t easy but starting off a blog is far easier.

. Could become a published and noted author. Maybe you could consider selling an e-book with your blog, that would be a very nice idea as it is also a very outdated stuff for publishers to work with authors who don’t have an online presence. The cause is quite simple considering our guide to direct advertising and selling of E-book. A blog is the easiest place to sell your products.

. You can get a better exposure for your existing business. A blog can make anyone more versatile in what they already do. With a good intro, you could gain access to several people in your brand.

. Build encouragement to people and other bloggers. A blog is the best place to build an online community, and encourage others with just a blog post.

Now, if you happen to fall among those with the goals leveled above, then maybe you could benefit from a blog as did I. Not seeing yourself above the list doesn’t really mean you couldn’t benefit from a blog you can still check out…

  • . Direct advertising
  • . Affiliate marketing
  • . Direct ads space selling
  • . Using shortened links eg., and many others.
  • . Using a donation
  • . Display relevant ads on your website.
  • . promote hosting companies and other companies related to your brand.
  • . Open a forum and give out token in return for charity.
  • . Ponzi.

There are basically six steps you could start a blog with considering the above-written reasons for blogging.

  1. Decide what you should make your blog about.
  2. Choosing a platform for blogging comes in.
  3. Find a host (but if you’re on a free host like or you need not worry about hosting just buy a domain name).
  4. Select a domain name to perfectly explain what you’re blogging about. Eg my domain name,
  5. Get started with WordPress/blogger for different platform users.
  6. Find a suiting design for your blog. A simple design matters a lot and makes much difference.

Let’s narrow down the above-written steps and explain them better for you to get deep into our discussion and maybe start your own blog.

Steps to start a blog explained.

Decide what you should make your blog about.

Maybe you own a business, you promote a brand, or you have something of an experience to offer to the audience. That is exactly what your blog should be about. If you represent a brand say mens wear, you could open a blog in fashion niche and write about your product and implore your readers to buy from you and same is the case if you have other brands to sponsor or talk about.

I spoke about having some technical experience to share, if you happen to be among this, then you should consider these.

. Blog about something you know and enjoy doing. Well maybe you have something you like doing or what you have an experience about, say you have experience about blogging you should write on it to educate your audience and not picking up to write about news and updates.

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. Choose a niche in which you can establish yourself as an authority. This is the most crucial of all the above. It is a fact that you can never be the first writer to establish your niche but in effect, you must try as much as you can to make yourself an authority in your blogging niche and be on the first page of google search engine. This can only come by blogging about what you love.

. Choose a Blogging Platform For Your Website

As severally seen, blogging in a general sense strive to cover two blogging platforms which are blogger and WordPress platform. We still have other blogging platforms like Wix and Joomla but these two aren’t generally used or mastered by some webmasters. According to the two basic platforms for blogging, you have to choose either the blogger platform or the WordPress platform.

The blogger platform is an easy platform for blogging and it has to deal with bloggers who do not have much to spend on blogging and the internet but adversely, WordPress is almost the reverse of blogger where it is not a free host but a self-host which allows one to express him/herself perfectly using some paid and installed plugins to boost his earnings and personalize his/her WordPress website.

Basically, the WordPress platform is one used by several bloggers and in several cases they are used by pro-bloggers ahead of bloggers (free host website).

. Find a suitable hosting provider for your website

I have received several questions as to why must I host my website? Well, the answer is simple, keeping your website to a free host such as is not a very nice idea as it doesn’t allow you much or even all the features a hosted website enjoys. Hosting a website with a reputable host has several benefits which range from:

  • . More secured website
  • . Mobile friendly when it comes to loading speed
  • . Larger bandwith and storage
  • . Dedicated assistance to the uptime of your specified website.

These above little benefits cannot be enjoyed by a free host such as In our experience staying in the webmaster world, we can recommend only but a few WordPress hosting companies for our readers here they are,,,, and lastly For Nigerian bloggers who wished to buy hosting at a cheaper rate using local hosting providers, check out, (cloud hosting provider).

. Pick a suitable domain name to perfectly represent your business

This is exactly where several bloggers make silly mistakes that they always think its nothing but actually it means a lot to their business. When choosing a domain name, make sure you consider these:

  • . What could be memorized
  • . Something easy for your audience to remember
  • . Simple and bold name, not too long to be pronounced
  • . No use of abbreviations eg rather use it’s more memorable
  • . Finally if you wish your name can represent you brand better than any other taken name then use your name eg,,, and

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A good domain name speaks all about your brand and what you have to offer or what you promote virtually. Take an instance, here we write about blogging tips for bloggers, and we choose the domain name which isn’t too bad a domain name. Contrary to this, a domain name that makes use of a writers name serves not to explain what a brand is about taking note.

. Get started with your blogging platform eg blogger or WordPress platform

You should get started to master the various features of your blogging platform, how to write articles, how to insert images, how to insert links, how to embed video, and several other things that are necessary for a website to publish articles.

You should also advance to being a webmaster by understanding the several webmaster tools and panels of your blogging platforms which ranges from SEO, keywords analysis, keyword finder, and other tools and plugins installation, activation and usage as regards to WordPress platform.

. Proceed to find a suiting design for your website

I have seen many websites that take forever to load their contents as a result of heavy theme and design with which they are bombarded. This is bullshit yes it is.

Designing a website is not all about making it heavy with theme and design but it is of better importance and of better user experience if you created a website with a simple design with a good user interface and also a good mobile view and not a complicated mobile view.

Final words

Always keep in mind that content of a website is always the king and not the design or theme contained. If these above steps are followed, you will create a very good website in a week.

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