What You Must Know While Writing A Guest Post For Your Website


Writing guest posts for authority domains in your website niche and most important websites that accept guest posts is a stepping stone to achieving success and a long-term relationship with your blog readers.

When their readers read your own content and find it useful they tend to go to the biography of the writer which in this case happens to be you and if what they were able to find in your website is good enough to capture their mindsets, then you’ll have yourself returning visitors from a single guest post you have written.

  1. Guest posting is sometimes called backlinking although considering its one of the backlinking strategies for a website.

However, I know it would be stupid of anyone to exhibit such content they write on their personal websites as an article to use as a guest post article. Writing a guest post is a very very serious business in which you have to bring out your best content for a basic reason for driving better conversion from the host website visitors. (Guest post contents are always better than personal blog content. Here you can hire a paid writer to write for you a useful post to drive better conversion).

In this article, I will teach you the basic approaches to write a profitable guest post to boost your website traffic and conversion.

  1. This is a tried and proven strategy that I have personally used and arrived at a useful result. It would be very nice for you if you read on.

Detailed step by step approach to guest post writing.

  1. Suggest an irresistible headline for your article

Writing a useful article for a guest post purpose is what I call a traffic boost. Writing this good article has to be incorporated with an irresistible headline which a visitor must wish to know what content is embedded in this headline and as such you’re driving visitors to your post. Always know and note that articles that do well always have an irresistible headline.

Take for instance these two headings;

  1. SEO practices to avoid in 2018.
  2. What you should avoid in 2018 SEO practice to boost website traffic.

We all know that between the above headlines the second headline explains what we should know better and a reader who sees either the two headings will ignore the first and go for the second. That’s just as simple as it appears up there.

  1. Write long and engaging articles

Writing a guest post entails writing long and engaging articles that will reduce the bounce rates of visitors. It is always assumed that the lower the bounce rate of visitors to a guest post, the higher the chances are that they will read the authors biography and eventually visit the target website.

The low bounce rate of visitors can only be achieved by writing long and engaging contents. Always note, I said long and engaging contents and not long and non-focused contents, I said this because the worst thing web visitors hate most is reading long and meaningless contents.

  1. Write problem-solving articles

It is always a known trend that people tend to act faster in articles that may strive to solve their existing problems and future problems. When your guest post article solves the problems that some webmasters encounter, then you’re almost on the verge of making it with your website, and by making it I mean making it big.

Let’s suggest your website got disapproved from Google Adsense and you were looking for a way out and wasn’t able to find any solution but alternatively an article that was written by a guest writer was able to offer a pure solution for the disapproval, after trying out the strategy given by the guest writer, I suggest you’ll be his/her website patronizer for life.

Writing problem-solving articles is one of the best ways to drive everlasting traffic to your website because people never joke with what solves their problems.

  1. Do not write reviews

Reviews are basically for personal reasons that is why you see some reviews branded as (my review). Several people do not wish to know what exactly you want to talk about in your review as direct traffic coming to your own website then check how irrelevant it will look having a guest post as a review on another website.

It is often advised to write other contents which maybe educative, informative, and maybe problem-solving but not a review. Reviews are for personal websites and designated to certain traffic and people.

  1. Write on facts and not suggestions

The last but not the least in our tutorial is writing articles which are facts based and not assumptions or suggestions. There is respect in writing articles with authority and not writing whatever you feel like writing. Writing with authority makes you write and express yourself with full confidence and not a partial belief in what you seem to be writing.

NB: Writing on a topic warrants you can defend the said topic at all times.

It is advised you write what you know than involving yourself with guess works and assumptions.

Final words

Recall we said this article is our tried and proven strategy and it may not be seen anywhere else. As such this article represents the central idea of the admin and cannot be questioned anywhere else. If these guides are followed, you’ll end up having yourself a good and effective guest post to attract better visitors to your website.

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