5 Mastery Guide to Achieve Your Peak in Blogging. What You Must Know as a Blogger


Blogging is one of the most lucrative E-business you can find yourself truthfully.

Just like every other online business, blogging also has steps to it while starting it but when these steps are not taken too seriously, we may fall to the wrong side of blogging and join thousands of failed bloggers.

These steps we are about to share here are the steps we took to build a blog from cents to $300+ monthly. It is a detailed step that has been applied by us here @blogincomes.com.ng.

I suppose you’re always told that blogging is easy and so is earning as a blogger too but to your dismay, blogging isn’t what you’re told about it.

Several pro bloggers say that bloggers should generate their traffic from forums, search engines and social medias but this isn’t the traffic to get you far as it is with blogging.

In your Favour, we wish to share the best ways in which you can start a blog and make the best out of it.

Note: this is our proven strategy that we used to build our blog to where it is now.

Pleas,e we are not here to discuss the how to start a blog stuff rather we are here to discuss the key points to getting you to make money with your blog.

Our detailed guide

  1. Get a custom domain to match your business

Here you get to choose which domain name could be the best match for your business or what you have to offer.

Here we choose blogincomes because we offer blogging services to newbies and professional bloggers as well. Speaking of this, we do not mean to imply that your domain name must be what you’re offering in your website.

There are some blogging niche that calls for non-related domain names or saturated domain names (where every domain name you can think of has been taken), in this cas,e you could suggest using your own name as your website name such as lailasblog.com, lindaikejisblog.com, benedictsblog.com.

Custom domains is what you should be concerned about and this is the first step to go ahead.

  1. Choose a blogging platform either blogger, wordpress, php, joomla and others

Some people think wordpress is the best blogging platform but I will tell you this, “no blogging platform is better than another, it depends on how you manage it”

Get yourself a good blogging platform and make the best of it. Either wordpress, blogger, PHP, joomla or any other and start out your blog.

Stil,l I do recommend you use wordpress as I use wordpress as well.

  1. Write useful and heavy contents

This is the key to get your website on search results other than every other websites you have seen.

Writing good and heavy contents will drive better traffic to your website and also keep your website from ranking low on search results.

When we say heavy contents we know several people may misunderstand us and this is why we took out time to explain better what heavy contents are.

Heavy contents are those website contents which are optimized to be reader perfect, structured and contained a minimum of 1000 words, and also includes certain blog post SEO strategies like keyword usage in an article.

If you have a well optimized posts in your website, your articles will start making the first pages of search results as it is only heavy contents in websites ranks better in google SERPs.

  1. Seek for a permanent traffic source with a good quality that returns better on ROI

ROI (return on investment)

I still suppose you understand that we have never forgotten about the SEO for blogs but why we left it out of the issue here is this:

SEO (search engine optimization) is a long term traffic solution which will take a long time to start fetching you the said traffic and it is not a reliable source of web traffic (have it as you may).

We have our reasons why we said SEO isn’t a reliable source of traffic.

Speaking of the permanent traffic sources, we do not mean you should use forums (Nairaland, jackobian), social medias (Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedln), and maybe groups (whatsapp groups or Facebook groups), we mean you should use other beneficial sources like Google adword, SEMRush, bing adword or other web traffic sources (web traffic sellers) to attain a permanent traffic to your website and keep your traffic steady as well as your websites revenue.

Using any of the above stated traffic sources that we do not advise for its usage will end you up at nothing.

  1. Target the traffic to a specific people and also a specific region

I know you must be told in forums like Nairaland that before you can get good traffic to convert you will need “targetted visitors” to your blog.

Now the bigger question is “how do I get them to my blog”

Getting random visitors to your website is a very bad road to go with. It looks like going to the train station to wait for your flight.

I can only suggest a perfect way to bring in targeted visitors into your website is through your webmaster tool where you can target which country your website should appear in its search result.

Targeting good regions like USA, UK, Germany and other tier A countries is a very very hard stuff to do so I suggest to be on the safer side you should purchase traffic and a well targeted one at that.

I could suggest you use webtrafficgeeks.com for traffic purchase as they offer a good web traffic and also targeted web traffic.

You could buy traffic from them but always know you need their well targetted traffic and also your niche relevant traffic to be able to boost sales with your monetization method

Wrap up

Several bloggers still use social medias, forums and little organic traffic to fetch their website visitors but its in real fact that these will never bring you the desired visitors to your website and as well keep your traffic steady and also your revenue.

A shift in traffic and revenue doesn’t guarantee a blogger but a steady traffic and a predictable revenue will guarantee a good blogger.

Once again follow these basic steps above but do pay much attention to the last part of it as it is the part most bloggers have to make too many mistakes.

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