Invalid activity, Invalid clicks, self clicks and invalid traffic and impact on google Adsense.


We have always tried to be as keen as we can ever be on issues concerning Adsense, blog traffic, blog incomes, blog SEO, blog hosting and WordPress in general and for this reason, I was pushed beyond limits to write this article which I placed the central idea on invalid activity, invalid clicks, self-clicks and invalid traffic in a website and how they affect your advertising media., say Google Adsense. Every of the above listed is activities which kill a blog and its live ads source of which we all know it’s quite difficult for a blog publishing google ads to survive a day with either of the above-listed activities.

Speaking of invalid activities, they are several of the activities which affect the life of a website and the life of google Adsense or any other ads publishing in a great deal. Invalid activities in a website are three to four activities which are simply listed below as:

  1. Invalid activity
  2. Invalid clicks
  3. Self clicks
  4. Invalid traffic

We wish to start explaining our terms above from the invalid activity.

First, we wish to refer to what is the meaning of the word invalid, invalid is a situation whereby something is not going through or something being non-original per se. Now, invalid activity in a website can be brought about by the simple action of duplicating an already written article in a website word to word without any changes. Mind you Google knows who is the original article owner judging from their websites. What majority of bloggers do not understand especially the newbies is the fact that. Three people may have the same story to share, the same photos to upload but never the same setup in writing, ie each person shares his or her story in their own different perspectives using different conservatory words and still meet the same end information. But the majority will copy the whole story a particular blog shared. Keep in mind that blogging entails your own uniqueness and not copying another’s uniqueness.

Secondly, invalid clicks are directed to what advert publishing media a website uses for itself and as well the source of the traffic a website receives. When invalid clicks occur, it is seen otherwise as a bot or software click on ads which in due course hinder or helps to disable ads publishing on a website. Invalid clicks are principally sourced from buying traffic online via sellers on and other traffic sources like, and the host of many others.

Thirdly is the issue we try every now and then to look into concerning ads publishers. Several ads publishers who do not earn much with Their Adsense ads go an extra mile trying to start clicking on their own ads just to boost their potential revenue which in every case finally result to disabling of Adsense. but in some other case, if done using Google Adsense hack tricks, Adsense accounts never gets disabled.

Now finally we have to talk about invalid traffic which in most cases not used by most bloggers. Invalid traffic are software traffics generated by online traffic sellers like buy sell ads, popads, Fiverr and a host of several others. These traffic sources are considerably good for blogs or websites that do not run Adsense programme on their blogs or websites but websites running Adsense should not purchase traffic from these sources. The traffic purchased from these sources are too poor in quality as a result, much entry of such traffic to a website can go as far as disabling the Adsense ads showing on the said website.

We hope to have cleared some doubts about the invalid activities of a website using this blog write-up. Share if you found it interesting.


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