Top 3 strategies you should use to earn more in Nigerian affiliate programme over foreign affiliate programme.


We have always heard and accepted the fact that affiliate marketing is the strategy to earn in a website more than Google Adsense or other ads publishing in most cases which I cannot dispute. Since affiliate marketing is a monetizing strategy as well as Google Adsense, then it is quite a nice idea if you learnt how to effectively use affiliate marketing on your website so as to maximise earnings. Speaking of earning with affiliate marketing, one should familiarize oneself with the fact that you could venture into affiliate marketing and make not a dime with your affiliate link and banners placed on your website considering the density of your website traffic.

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From statistics, websites that do well in affiliate marketing are websites with dense traffic flow daily; say 10000 unique visitors daily. A website with 10000 unique visitors daily can use any monetizing strategy and still make higher revenue compared with a website with less dense traffic daily. Considering the fact that many websites operate on the platform of 500-1000 visitors daily (in several cases non-unique visitors) they still have to use either affiliate marketing on their websites or Google Adsense. For this reason of little traffic volume, we decided to enlighten affiliate marketers in Nigeria on the strategies to use and steps to take to ensure maximum revenue turn up of their traffic no matter how small they may seem to be. This strategy will earn you revenue even considering your website is only able to get 50 visitors daily. If your blog gets little or less traffic than the 10000 visitors daily and you’re an affiliate marketer, then we assume you will want to use these strategies:

If your blog gets little or less traffic than the 10000 visitors daily and you’re an affiliate marketer, then we assume you will want to use these strategies:

  1. Join an affiliate market with a local company: severally, people make the mistake of choosing foreign affiliate programme just because they see the commission tag to be higher than that of Nigerian affiliate programmes. This is a wrong mindset considering the ease at which a website visitor sees your ads appealing and making a purchase through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is never like Adsense which works on PPC, no they work with a completed users interest other than PPC style in Adsense. It is considerably easier to get a website visitor from Nigeria more interested in local items they can buy through your affiliate link, say cream, earpiece, phones, clothes and other local items within Nigeria other than trying to convince a user in Nigeria to make a purchase from Amazon, or Shopify or other foreign affiliate programmes. It is advised for affiliate marketers to choose from the list of local affiliates eg Jiji, Yudala, Konga and lot more than using foreign affiliates like Amazon, Commission Junction (CJ).
  2. Be sure what your audience seeks: understanding your audience and what they seek is another thing most affiliate marketers ignore. This, on the other hand, is the most crucial part of affiliate earning. If your audience is keen on fashion, your affiliate must be directed to fashion terms and products eg clothes, shoes, makeup and other fashion goods. Some affiliate marketers will go beyond the line to add stuff like gaming, phones and others so as to maximise revenue but adversely deviating the customers wish to purchase from their link as a result of diverse choice resulting from much affiliate banners showing different things.

3. use the natural influence of Nigerian buyers: it is under normal circumstances that Nigerians prefer to buy mobile gadgets more than fashion material through online stores. specifically myself, I have ordered stuff online more than once and twice but severally they were never clothes but phones and fans. The majority of Nigerians do take pleasure in buying clothes in malls and markets close to them and do much of gadgets purchased via online stores.

So to say it could be useful if one strictly adhered to these strategies. You’ll find it was never all about Google Adsense.


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