How Can You Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue, A Detailed Guide


One of the problems website owners does encounter is WordPress not sending emails.

We have here, Handled WordPress such as Kinsta, and they do offer email hosting.

That does not mean that you can’t send emails. When you’re attempting to correct the WordPress not sending email issue, it’s no problem on the host, but instead, email is set up about the WordPress setup or there’s an incompatibility.

Follow the detailed steps below for WordPress not sending an email and get your emails up and running in your WordPress website.

This ought to be for hosting suppliers, in addition to Woo-Commerce not sending emails applicable.


Now Fix Word-Press Not Sending Emails

Situations of WordPress not sending emails may incorporate even a plugin notification or entry into a contact form which you never get.

This may apply to Woo-Commerce not sending emails from customer queries or sales.

Below are some answers to get you up and running.

  • Test Email on Your Server

Conduct a Test on your own WordPress website using the free check mail. This is a plugin built to check if your WordPress host or set up and can send emails.

As of writing this, the plugin has more than 40,000 busy installs using a 4.9 from a 5-star score. Once set up, just enter “Check Mail” under the tools menu on your WordPress dashboard.

Access your email client to determine if the test email was obtained by you.

The subject line will look like “Test email from https://” in addition, be certain that you check your spam or junk mailbox. In case you received emails only fine on your internet server.

This implies that a miss-configuration with an incompatibility or your contact type plugin. You could reach from the programmer for assistance. Let them know email is functioning on your WordPress setup and the above evaluation just ran.

For people and both Rify Hosting users with hosts, even when you have connection problems you may need to try out an alternate interface. Your server may be blocking the interface.

According to Google, “These SMTP vents are blocked due to a great deal of abuse these vents are vulnerable to.” In cases like this, try out an alternate port for example 2525.

How to Setup SMTP in Word-Press

If the recommendations that above do not get the job done for you the optimal solution would be to set up Word-Press using an SMTP supplier. Here are 3 choices you can pick from and directions on How Best to configure them

Here Is a couple of added SMTP/transactional email services that you may also need to think about:

  • Spark-Post(free up to 100,000 emails per month)
  • Mail-jet (free as much as 6,000 emails each month)
  • Amazon SES

Option 1: Setup Gmail SMTP in Word-Press

You can use Gmail SMTP to ship WordPress emails in and out. An advantage to doing it this way is to stop more emails and can improve the deliverability of your emails.

But it’s necessary to be aware that at the free variant they simply let you send up to 100 emails each rolling 24-hour period. Or you might look at it at no cost as 3,000 emails each month. But, these limitations can rise by paying to get Google G Suite.

If You’d like an SMTP

  • Step 1

Set up the free plugin named Post SMTP (formerly Postman SMTP).

As of writing this, the plug-in has more than 1 million active installs having a form 5-star evaluation and is maintained.

Additionally, it works with Easy Digital Downloads and Woo-Commerce.

In this case below, Gmail has been used as an SMTP host to Send emails for the WordPress setup. We’ll use the O. Auth 2.0 protocol to get entry to the Gmail API — that means a secure login system and consumers will not need to enter any password or username.

This plugin supports a good deal of suppliers and setups as for example Mandrill, Send Grid well, as well as Mail-Gun.

Thus, when you are not currently using Gmail, then this may be a plug in to hook-up to a SMTP supplier.

  • Step 2

In the Post, SMTP setup, click on “Start the Wizard.”

  • Step 3

Input the email address that you would like to send your title and email to.

Note: Many email services won’t permit you to send from an address other with.

  • Step 4

You will need to enter the mail server hostname.

In this case, we’re utilizing

Note: Many Word Press hosts keep you, and require that you use their email accounts using their email servers.

You may ask your server for their address that is incoming.

  • Step 5

You will need to configure the way that the link to the email server is created.


Since some hosts may be obstructing the default interfaces.

  • Step 6

You will need to open a fresh up Tab and make a new job. You will have to make a new endeavour.

  • Step 7

Give your project a title (you may select anything) and click “Create.”

  • Step 8

In The dash of the new job click “Empower APIS and Services.”

  • Step 9

Subsequently, Click on “Gmail API” beneath G Suite APIs.

  • Step 10

Subsequently, Click “Permit

  • Step 11

Subsequently, Click “Credentials” on the left side. And under Produce credentials select “O Auth customer ID.

  • Step 12

On The next display, you’ll have to click “Configure permission screen

  • Step 13

Subsequently Enter your email address, a item title (which may be anything), and also no less than a privacy policy URL.

We recommend filling everything out.

Notice: A privacy policy is needed to be completely operational.

  • Step 14

On The display, it is going to prompt you to your application type, select web application.

Enter a title (which could be anything you need).

Then glue the “Licensed JavaScript roots” URL along with the “Authorized redirect URIs” in the Postman magician screen.

Click “Save

Confused on where to locate your Authorized JavaScript roots URL and Licensed redirect URIs?

It’s the two at the magician.

  • Step 15

On The second screen, you’ll receive customer key and your customer ID.

  • Step 16

Duplicate and Glue these and Client areas.

  • Step 17

Subsequently, Back from the Google Developer Console, it’s advisable that you incorporate your domain so it’s verified.

Note: You need to get this instalment in Google Search Console

Step 18

You need to “Grant permission with Google” and click to allow your Gmail account access.

As you confirmed your domain name you should not see you, although this May find the error message has improved their hazard assessment for internet applications that ask user information.

According to this risk assessment, a few internet applications will call for a manual inspection before users may accept info permissions.

Until the review is finished, unverified programs will exhibit “Invalid scope” or any other arbitrary error messages when you visit the permissions approval page.

You can Click “Advanced” and move anyhow but should fill this out programmer application to receive approved long term.

You should then see an “Access Allowed Successfully” message along with the SMTP standing will reveal linked.

Sending a Test Email

You can send a test email to confirm everything is working.

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