Top 13 Blogging Tips For Nigerian Beginner Bloggers in 2017.


There are several tips for blogging which is written by many authors to ensure that any blogger who started out with their guides could make a better use of the web and probably be a defined webmaster and a blogger who could use his/her online presence to earn and keep a living. That being said, I never heard any of them say exactly is “the blogging tips for Nigerian bloggers specifically”.

This exactly is why I never like why those said pro bloggers shared their views. Speaking of the pro bloggers whom I was expecting such an article to educate Nigerian bloggers from are,,,,, and several other pro-bloggers worldwide.

Owing to the fact that blogging tips for Nigerian bloggers are quite different from the blogging tips for foreign bloggers. When I say, foreign bloggers, I am referring to bloggers outside this country as the bloggers in USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many other zones of the world.

This being said, permit me to say the reason for this article is as a result of one of the stumbling blocks I encountered when I started blogging for the past year because I was unable to understand what is required of me and what my audience wanted from me as a Nigerian blogger.

Owing to the fact that I followed the footprints of for bloggers guide and tips which really helped me but along the line, I couldn’t find what I needed most as my articles were not sent to the right audience in the right GEO. (my fault was it).

Sequel to this, I have decided that any blogger in Nigeria who read this guide will not have to use less efficient tips for his/her website any longer that is why I have sat my ass down to write these incredible tips for Nigerian bloggers.

Top Blogging tips for Nigerian Beginner bloggers

NB: these are not the tips we wanted to talk about here in this article but you should take a very serious note of these points:

. Greed: when a Nigerian blogger starts up a website he/she wishes to start making millions just when they started and this isn’t very much a nice idea. Keeping your focus on making money only just a few days or few weeks you started blogging is the basic reason why many newbies do not get to their target points.

. Inconsistency: when you started a blog, you should and must update it like say two times weekly so as to suit your audience but some blogs do update just once every two weeks and hope to get the visitors flowing in.

. Originality: being original is what bloggers find most difficult to do specifically here in Nigeria. I recalled I was going through empower review and I saw a Nigeria blog copied exactly what a foreign blog wrote and I was marveled beyond limits at our Nigerian webmasters.

. Content: it isn’t a new thing to me as I have used myself as an experimental tool to ascertain this. When I started coming up on search engine results was when I started to embrace heavy and long website articles and started targeting long tail keywords. First of first, if you wish to start coming up in your brands in search results, then you have to marry rich articles and long contents and explain everything better.

But note this may not apply to bloggers in entertainment niches.

That being said, let’s go on with top tips for Nigerian beginner bloggers in 2017.

Tip 1. Choose passion over Trend

Yes, I said choose passion over trend and I mean it to the core. I know many will strive to criticize the fact above but wait a bit let me explain.

. Passion: this is basically what you’re driven by and what you can give in everything for because that’s what you love doing. It goes beyond what happens around you but what happens inside you. That being said….

. Trend: this is what happens around you, what you think, what you see which on several occasions has to deal with events and happenings around you or sometimes what you see people doing.

Choosing your passion over trend will go a long way to redeem our new bloggers who do not have much of a voice to guide on their blogging journey.

Recently, several newbies do not undergo blogging tutorials, they just pick up their desktop, with a little internet data in their cell phone they can start off a blog thereby making heinous mistakes which is basically why we have so many entertainment websites in Nigeria. Its even easier to start a blog with your cell phone if you do not have a desktop computer.

NB: Everyone is created with a unique skill, to teach others what they do not know. We spoke about this here, concerning what you should blog about. A guide to every beginner blogger on what he/she should blog about. A writer who is driven by passion does well in the blogosphere than one who is driven by the trend.

Read more: what should I blog about?

Tip 2. Strategize your blog/website

If my memory served me right, I was able to strategize by blog when I read an article from on how to create a good blogging strategy and that was my kick-off to the good blogging background. Now, choosing a good blogging strategy entails three things:

  • . Choose how many numbers of posts to publish and at what time you publish them.
  • . Choose the interval at which you write and publish your articles. Say in two days, three days, a week or two weeks interval. (you must publish articles daily as an entertainment blogger but same doesn’t go for other niche bloggers).
  • . Most importantly, choose how many numbers of words an article you published must contain. Keeping at a steady number of words per post goes a great deal with websites and search ranking.

Strategizing your website goes by niche, an entertainment niche blog cannot write such long contents otherwise you will bore your readers but on the other hand, the long article goes for blogging tips bloggers, tech bloggers etc.

Tip 3. Social media strategy (Targetted Traffic)

Driving the desired traffic from search engines is very very very difficult owing to the fact that several other bloggers have been there before you came in so this fact brings up the social media strategy. Using social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr to drive traffic to your website is also considered second to search engine traffic.

You have to note that not the desired number of traffic could come through free social media but you can achieve a great traffic by using adverts via social media like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads and Pinterest ads. This advertising is where you pay so as to advertise online to several users who will love your brand.

Tip 4. Never neglect Link building

It might be hard to say but its true, several bloggers overlook the fact about building links inside the post with extensions like:

  • Read more
  • See more
  • Also, read
  • You may also like
  • Others are reading

And many many more are very essential as visitors extend their stay. We recommend this because of your bounce rate as individuals see what they may like to read after another while going through your articles.

Tip 5. Best make your blog a community

First ask yourself “what is a community?” a community is a place people share their ideas, believes and understanding among themselves. It is better explained as an open ground for discussions like qoura digest. When you make your blog a community, you will receive rec-curing visitors and also be sure that issues within your visitors can be solved by them.

Tip 6. Create a good relationship with visitors

Creating a good relationship with visitors goes beyond what we actually know about. This gives your visitors the confidence to invite others to your website and also create an avenue for trust between you and your visitors as we all know several websites use affiliate marketing and other direct advertising to make income far from google Adsense and in this case a good relationship with visitors plays a crucial role.

Tip 7. Keyword collection (keyword planning)

Choose effective, low competition, Nigerian focused keywords for your website so as to outrank your competitors in search engine results. Some of the tools to be used to drive better keyword are:

  • Google keyword planner
  • SEMrush

Tip 8. Write unique contents

Writing a unique content is a very hard nut to crack between bloggers these days as they have the slogan “you will never look for what to write” this is bad because those articles you copied took some writers weeks to accomplish and you just took them in a jiffy. Writing unique contents as a beginner blogger helps you have a higher search engine ranking than being non-original in your contents.

Also to crown it all on unique contents, blog readers are versatile, they may not find it funny seeing exactly what is another writer’s blog exactly in yours as they do have a way of finding out who is the original owner. They may even stop visiting your website.

Tip 9. Always reply to comments

Whoever comments on your blog awaits a reply. It makes some visitors seem like a fool when they visit and drop by a comment and never get replied. Some may vow never to comment on the said blog again. We all should also know what a blog that drives many comments mean in the blogosphere so I guess you wouldn’t want to miss it.

NB: you could use words like

  • “thanks for dropping by”
  • “thanks for your words”
  • “keep checking us for updates”
  • “loved your comment”
  • “we shall keep you updated”
  • “wow thanks”
  • “pls subscribe to our newsletter before leaving”

While replying to comments in your blog.

Also, check if you visited one of Nigeria top websites to read an article, after that you left a comment and no-one noticed it, how would you feel about it? That’s exactly how your visitors feel when ignored via their comments.

Tip 10. Consider guest posting

Well, this isn’t much of a fact to me because basically, guest posting is really going out of date, eluded by SEO and social media Advertising so if you still need to be noticed amongst your niche, this may still work for you.

Tip 11. Consider your reader’s opinion

The opinion of your blog readers will actually go a long way to help you decide what next they are going to go looking up online and be able to provide it on and as at when due. The opinion of your blog readers says everything about your website and to what side you should dive into. If you do not consider the opinion of your readers then your blog might just be as good as dead.

Tip 12. Never neglect SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what in whole brings you the desired traffic from search engine and also your most targetted visitors from your targetted geo. Search Engine Optimization also allows one show his website contents to only the users in a designated area in which your contents cover very well, say your content speaks about Nigeria, you could target Nigeria in your webmaster and not another country in which maybe they are not interested in what you have to offer.

Tip 13. Make use of the effective title

Post titles also play a major role in websites and they are simply keywords which visitors may be used while searching for stuff online via search engines. These keywords are the most essential part of a website to drive a healthy traffic.

Wrap up

These above blogging tips for Nigerian bloggers will go a long way to help the newbies in their long journey towards making money online in 2017.

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