How I got 10,000 unique visitors to my website and made $10 with Adsense with the same traffic source.

As professional and newbie bloggers, we know already that many sources for buying website traffic online are fake and can harm google Adsense accounts to the core. So in this effect I have written this article out of my personal experience with a traffic source which is safe for Adsense with the sole aim of helping my fellow bloggers reach the top.

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With great assurance I am writing this article to boost the morale of low traffic bloggers who wishes to boost their traffic and earn more with google Adsense. But you must note this, nothing we write about this review is not tested and trusted by the admin @

Few months back to when I started my journey as a blogger I was always fit and good to go but I just had one issue to contend with which is in no doubt the problem all newbies face every now and them in their websites. I tried reading so many articles to harness a way to break this bond of low traffic but none was to avail. Once a pro blogger, admin @ suggested Facebook and I took it into consideration and behold I spent a lot of money on Facebook ads and none of it converted on my Adsense.

Truthfully I lost to the Facebook ads.

My reaction towards ,my low traffic issue.

Did i buy traffic? of course I did and here is the result.

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With courage I moved into buying traffic online and it was really a very bad idea as well as I was only served software traffic and Bots traffic which finally got my Adsense account suspended. I pulled out from buying traffic online and hated everything about buying traffic online. Whilst I bought traffic online, I used the services or,, bidvertiser traffic, popads traffic and a host of several others. Just as I was on the brim of giving up on traffic and letting go of my blog, I came across something I called a miracle. I saw a post on Facebook by a friend by name Classic Flamez who is assumed to have helped me or more clearly revived my blogging passion through rendering useful and google Adsense conforming traffic from different countries. The traffic he sent was basically from tier A countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and others. Below I will share my review of his traffic and source

The traffic conformity with google Adsense and how much I made with it for the first month

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I wasn’t too sure where the traffic source was but I guess I have to try everything since I have started failing let me fail to the last but reverse was the case as the traffic escalated my Adsense earning to the sky limits. The traffic sent to my website was directed from USA, and Nigeria for the start and the quantity In was 10000 unique visitors. I was able to make up to 10$ for the first day I received the traffic. It was like a dream come true to me. This continued happening for as long as a month and I was able to withdraw my first Adsense earning which was 320$ for the first time since I started blogging. Nothing was ever more interesting than my first withdrawal.

The traffic source

How I really Got Through my difficult challange

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Truthfully, I never knew the traffic source I know this may sound shady to you but this is just the truth. I never knew the source of the website traffic but come to think of it, if a website was able to give you 1000 unique visitors daily which never harmed your Adsense account and in return raised your revenue, isn’t that traffic source worth keeping and sharing with friends? Of course it is worth it.

Wrap up

In this effect, I am writing this article to motivate my fellow bloggers who wish to make money using Adsense. The price of the traffic source remains confidential but they are really affordable and simple to do. If you found the above article interesting and wish to boost your blog earning and traffic as I did kindly dial this cell 08145085199 Or look up this Facebook username; Classic Flamez he will put you through.

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