How I got into the programme with a health niche and 200 articles


My journey into displaying adverts on my website wasn’t a very easy one I must say. Starting from when I created the website till now that it has been fully indexed with SEO, I have only applied for ads just once and I was approved into the system. I was extremely elated as this happened and in that same effect, I wished to share with my blog visitors how I got into the system and the strategies I used to achieve the feat.

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Creating a blogger blog

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I created a blogger blog and decided to stay in health niche as it was what I seemed to be quite good at and then I continued my journey into selecting a domain name, at first I choosed as it was hosted on a free host in blogger platform and I choosed a simple blog layout for my website and in few days I was about to kick off with my first article. Yeah I sure did and it wasn’t my last, I continued writing till I had close to 20 unique articles in my website. Then with that I created the categories, about us page, contact us page and a nice privacy policy page while I consulted the services of the admin@ Harsh Kumar Agrawal and so everything was set. At this point I had to face a more difficult challange because I knew about blogger and software traffics and besides I need a domain name for my website.

Buying a Domain name and moving to wordpress

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Believe me when I said I was never a good fan of wordpress untill I learnt from the reviews share by about website hosting pros and cons. I hosted my website with Namecheap hosting and also my domain name came from the same server. I had to consult the services of a tech ardent for correct domain name redirection from to .com domain or and other extension. I bought the domain name therefore, my website was moved from the blogger domain to

Creating websites content and increasing website traffic

Owing to the previous 20 unique articles I had live on my website, I continued writing more unique articles till I was able to measure up to 200 unique articles and at this point I knew I was able to sign up for an ads network as good as google Adsense or I used social media traffic and organic traffic to make leads. Though majority of my traffic was coming from search engine and a better part from Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, and tumblr. From these sources I was able to make upto 500 unique visitors daily before I applied for ads.

Applying for ads

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I have recently and before heard news concerning the level of denial of applications by and as a result I was fully prepared in every aspect so as to be approved using the above strategies. It was only last three days that I applied for My request was received and I was told to wait till they review my request, in less than 5 hours I received a congratulation mail that I made it into ads network, and prior to this I generated the ads code they requested from me and got them placed in my website through WP-Quads. I had only three ads units as was instructed though I later increased it to four ads units to increase user experience.

Final words

I believe and trust that if you adopt the same strategies as did I, you will get your website approved for the 2nd best contextual ads network in the whole world. With these steps, you could even be accepted into the googe Adsense programme as they are not far in relationship, I mean google Adsense and

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