How to create a WORDPRESS BLOG within 5 minutes

What have you been struggling with about creating a WordPress blog?

Some people find it very hard to create a WordPress blog by their selves.

In this post, you are going to learn how I created my own WordPress blog in just 5 minutes.

Yes, are you amazed?

But that is the truth, you can actually create a WordPress blog within 5 minutes.


Now, before you get started with your wordpress blog, there are things that you need to do first.

Firstly:  Plan your self very well


Do you know that most bloggers fell because of lack of plan before. They never planned about their business because blogging is actually a business (online business ).

Just like your physical business,  you need to give it a very good plan for it to be successful.


Now, how do you plan your blog before starting it?

You need to know a little or more about your subject matter generally known as niche.


You must plan on how you will want your blog to be in the future.

That is all about planing your blog before starting it.



Secondly : Get a domain name


What is a domain name?

Domain name is simply the name of your blog, the exact URL people search or to reach you.

Example of a domain name is


Your blog can not exist on the web without a domain name.

There are many places that you can buy a domain name for your blog, but to be in save hands, I have handpicked two reliable hosting company where you can buy your domain name.


They are namecheap and whogohost


These two hosting company I mentioned above are the most reliable ones to buy your domain name.

Remember,  it is not all domain registrars are reliable please take note.

That is the reason why I recommended those two above. You will have a very good experience when using them.

There are things you must consider before buying a domain name.

  • Your domain extension and
  • the actual name of your domain name.


When choosing a domain extension, you  must go for any of These .com, .org, .ng.

They  are authority domain extension.


Now coming to your actual domain name, it must be in line with the niche you are targeting.

For example if you want to start a blog about seo, your domain name should be a name that is similar or in line with seo, such as

You can even add hyphen(-) between the domain name.



The reason for this is that it can be well ranked on search engines because it looks much like a targeted keyword.


Thirdly:  Get a host for your blog


This is another step to take after purchasing a domain name,  you need a host where your blog will live.


Web hosting is the process of acquiring a space for your blog. Without a host for your blog, it will never be visible on the internet.


I also recommend namecheap and whogohost for your web hosting. They offer cheap hosting at affordable prices.

Whogohost will give you a free domain on any of their web hosting package that you choose.


Namecheap will give you a hosting for less than the price of a domain name.


Here, I will make use of namecheap to tell you how you can buy a hosting account and install WordPress to your domain name.


To buy a hosting package from namecheap, click here to go straight to their order page.

Note: Don’t spend your money buying a domain name from whogohost for use with namecheap.

Namecheap will give you a domain and hosting package at the same time.


If you want to host your blog with whogohost, you don’t need to buy any domain name,  they will give you a free domain.



Go to namecheap order page,  select the first plan,  Proceed with the instructions they will give you.

Don’t worry, it is very easy to do.


When you finish entering your details,  you will be taken to the last page where you will add your billing details.


On that page, you are required to add your order billing address and card details for paying for your order.


Then, place your order.


Upon order confirmation,  they will send you a welcome  email containing your control panel login details.


Congratulations,  you have successful ordered your domain and hosting, this is now time to install WordPress to your domain name.


How to install WordPress to your domain name



NOW it is time to install WordPress to your domain name, what you have to do at this stage is to open your email address,  locate the email you received from namecheap,


You will see your cpanel login details and the link to your cpanel address.

Your cpanel url should look something like this



Login to your cpanel with the user name and password you received.


Locate the softaculous apps installaler under software.



Select wordpress


You will see where to create your admin login details. There, select the username and password for your admin area.


Then finally, install WordPress.


You now have a brand new WordPress blog.


You can now login to your admin area post and install the necessary plugins and theme you need and you can now start writing your posts.



Final words


Please if you have landed on this page, and you found this post very interesting and at the same time, you decided to create your wordpress blog, Please go straight to the web hosting companies right from the page.


If you do so, I will earn small amount of money which can never affect you in any way.

Thank you.



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