Whatsapp Groups Or Whatsapp Status Update; Which Is Best For Promoting Your Website Contents?


What you should know: this is a guide for basically small websites that are still seeking reliable visitors.

If you’re seeking to bug some WhatsApp rooms or publish your website contents in WhatsApp rooms and get traffic then you might need to read this article before you conclude.

Traffic is the only reason several bloggers quit blogging and most predominantly, quality traffic is the reason why almost every blogger seems to be frustrated.

Note: No matter how good your articles seem to be or how helpful they prove to be to people, never publish them on WhatsApp groups as they constitute spam and insults. You can only do this on special request.

No matter as challenging as it could seem with bringing in quality traffic to your website, that isn’t the basic reason Whatsapp groups should suffer your plight.

We usually see several WhatsApp groups being flooded with blog posts about what we want to read and what we do not want to read. This sometimes causes removal from participating in several groups as they usually mark it as spam.

I once dropped my websites URL to a WhatsApp group upon a specific request on knowledge and that was what I have written on. So why the big grail of tiresome explanation rather than use a link?

I would also send another website’s link if I hadn’t written on the said topic in question.

“Now this is no spam to the WhatsApp group as it was a special request”.

Believe me “This is another lucrative way of sending non-targeted visitors to your website”.

If you had any intention of sending visitors to your website using some outbound links, that should be something like buying visitors from paid sources, I seriously recommend webtrafficgeeks.com.

Any further idea that is far from this which includes sending your articles to Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, forums and other related places will fetch you the best form of non-targeted web visitors and this equally bug people and your website may be blacklisted by them.

“Unless they are your dedicated readers”.

Let’s further explain why we decided to put up this article with respect of bloggers who publish their articles in several WhatsApp groups they are participants in.

We have developed several reasons why you shouldn’t publish your articles in WhatsApp groups and we shall be offering a hand in explaining them very well here.

Reasons why you shouldn’t use WhatsApp groups to promote your website

. It’s an outdated technique

Yes, this is an outdated technique as it is now that long gone are days when people do seek WhatsApp rooms to check the latest updates from the bloggers there and to know what’s happening around them.

If you want to read the news, you’d probably visit some known websites, not some WhatsApp groups.

So this is an outdated technique to fetch your website visitors.

. You spam the room

Keeping forums, groups and threads spam less is a problem whenever we are dealing with bloggers who frequently update WhatsApp groups for God knows what.

Your constant disturbing of WhatsApp groups and forums will mark your website and contents shared as spam and you’ll receive no attention to them and also you can equally get a couple of insults to add to it.

. You’re likely to be kicked out as a participant

When you do the above stated (spam), you’ll likely end up getting kicked out of the said WhatsApp group and this isn’t a very nice idea.

When you get kicked out of a room you’re a participant, simply because you write and publish spammy contents there, the feeling wouldn’t be too good and as a result, I seriously recommend you do not try spamming rooms as the result might seem a bit severe.

. You eventually end up driving non-targeted visitors to your website

I wouldn’t need to explain this again.

Knowing fully well that groups and forums drive non-targeted visitors to a website, using WhatsApp groups to drive your blog traffic is no exception in bringing in non-targeted visitors to your website.

That is if you ever converted any visitor at all.

. Never fetches you the traffic you need

If we are to run a good check on blogs, having visitors of range 100-200 daily isn’t a nice idea and still, several websites that spam WhatsApp groups never get up to 20 visitors from there.

So what’s the need?

Using WhatsApp groups to generate visitors to your website isn’t of any value as we all know that the average number of WhatsApp group members is 250 and a whole active group cannot fetch you even one-third of the member’s traffic.

. Rendering your website too low to peoples standard

When your blog URL appears too many times in WhatsApp groups, people tend to make less meaning out of such a blog and this reduces your worth to the entire public both to people who know and do not know you.

So why the bad name for yourself and your business?

Keep to what you know and can do best. As a suggestion from me would demand you never try out WhatsApp groups unless on special demand.

. Keeping yourself vulnerable when it comes to traffic

We, webmasters, believe that it is only low-quality websites and some other websites which are managed by newbies that indulge in disturbing WhatsApp groups for traffic.

So why make yourself fit into our description of a poor website by spamming WhatsApp groups?

Better keep it in check.

The above written is the reasons why you should desist from using WhatsApp groups to promote your website. That Notwithstanding, if you feel you do so good using WhatsApp groups to promote your contents, then you can go ahead with it.

With these discussed, can we now look at the reasons why you should use the alternate method of Whatsapp groups (WhatsApp status updates) to promote the links of your website?

Reasons for the better option (using WhatsApp status update) for website promotion

. Allows you more audience

Since we said earlier that the average members of a WhatsApp group are 250, consider if you have above 700 WhatsApp contacts and above 500 of the views your status updates daily, believe me, you’ll make two times more the traffic you make with a WhatsApp group.

Equally the visitor’s conversion rate is higher.

. Create better engagement

Whatsapp users these days tend to be more attached to WhatsApp status updates that they check it regularly more than chats in the rooms they are participants in.

Let me give you a hint: have you ever seen people who never opened their WhatsApp group messages and its reading above 500 messages?

If you have then I suppose you now know why using WhatsApp status update is better.

. Makes you look professional

Apparently, this makes you look even more professional as users will assume you’re just trying to pass on information than force people to read it.

You’ll appear professional as each status phase will take up a single URL and makes it look beautiful.

. Looks less spammy

Recall the articles will look like you just wrote them for writing sake but not to force anyone into reading it.

This way, it will make it look more professional and less spammy than most WhatsApp groups posts shared.

. Better customized and attractive header

If you’re a good marketer, you’ll know the conversion power of catchy heading and titles when it comes to traffic conversion.

Using WhatsApp status updates helps you customize the headings of your posts and make it look catchy even if the contents contained didn’t look much but the heading will drive you the desired visitors to the said post.

. Doesn’t affect your blogging profile

Using the WhatsApp status update to boost your blogs traffic might suggest you’re not being desperate for traffic but loves sharing information.

So this will help not decrease your blogging profile to your competitors or the rest of the people.

Wrap up

I deliberately decided to put up this writing as a result that several website owners have been banned from the groups I participate in WhatsApp and this is as a result of spamming the groups.

So I decided to bring up a better way of doing this and even reaching a better audience with lesser or no harm done.

Read the above article very well and know exactly where you stand and also know if the new opportunity will work for you.

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