Beginners Guide to Banner Adverts Advertisment on High Traffic Websites.


NB: sometimes your website is better than those websites you’re dying to advertise your website on.

Read on to know why I said this.

We never wished to insight into other websites business but as deemed it fit, this is what is worth doing for our own good as bloggers.

Basically, the reason why we bloggers advertise our websites on other authority domains is just simple and straight, this reason is that we need the traffic, exposure and increase sales in our own website but we fail to understand that not every website in so-called authority domains can offer us what we really want.

We all need the traffic as bloggers, say a website with 10,000 visitors daily can generate a cool and handsome revenue from Google Adsense ads and also affiliate sales and can also gain much exposure to enable the diversified source of revenue. But the issue is where to get these traffic volume from. Bloggers do consider advertising on Facebook but that’s not a very nice idea because the number of people reached will not be the number of people to visit your website and your Google Adsense CPC will be drastically reduced.

Currently, we learned that website exposure via adverts can be achieved by several other ways which include:

  • . Advertising on high traffic websites
  • . Advertising on forums eg Nairaland

These two other traffic sources were examined by us and we found out that they kept our earning steady throughout the advertising session. The best part of this promotion is that our Google Adsense CPC was 0.15 but was increased to 0.25 upon relevant clicks coming to our websites through the promotion done. We only tried out advertising on forums ie, but we have never tried out promoting our websites through the high traffic websites eg, and and this is where we will focus our view for today’s write up.

As we have never tried these things out, we wish to let you know the experiments we ran on them before we could arrive on a conclusion here to state what we found out exploring these websites so-called high traffic websites.

Let me start this guide by stating my testimony here.

NB: this testimony is in no way decided to be personal, so I am sharing to create awareness so that eager traffic seekers wouldn’t fall into the bad hands and blame themselves.

Few weeks on Facebook I received a news feed from a fellow blogger that he has started accepting sponsored posts, advert banners on his website whose URL is, I decided to try out his offer though he said his charge was $10 per sponsored post and I asked how many visitors I should receive the said 100+ visitors (take note 100+ visitors) I kept mute on this as a result I have never known his website traffic daily. I continued to another nairalandlike forum to verify they said #1000 per day for their promotion and I was a bit okay with that, then Nairaland offered #6,750 for a week, webincomeplus offered #5000 for a month with a guarantee of 100k visitors with 20k unique visitors, guaranteed 10,000 visitors daily with a payment of #10,000 monthly for a 300¤200 banner on the right side widget banner in their website, offered #20,000 for the basic plan for advertisement dated back to 5 months ago that will last for a week with a guarantee of 100k+ visitors daily.

This was as far as I went before I learned what led me to write this article.

I applied some wisdom as a webmaster, I decided to check out these websites traffic stats daily, income daily, net worth, google, bing and Alexa backlinks and also their daily unique visitors and just as I did I found out that the results varied in a great manner.

But if I could as, “how can a website with less than 1000 daily visitors and less than 200 daily unique visitors guarantee an advertiser, 10,000 daily visitors?”

I guess they are just after the money you will pay them.

NB: guaranteed 10,000 daily visitors.

Screenshot proof:

My website

Guides to follow while advertising on other websites

  • . Pick up a website that meets the niche of your said website
  • . Check the user activity in their website eg comments, shares, likes and views per post if visitors view is allowed
  • . Check out their advertising fee, if its too low say below #10,000 per month it’s being faked, if its high say above #20,000 a month, its almost there to be real.
  • . If after placing your request, they started calling you to complete your order for the advertisement, its fake. Its always said that good business don’t go to people rather people come to it
  • . Finally, use a website stats checker to analyze their traffic, google, bing, and Alexa backlinks to know what traffic they’d be sending, daily visitors, daily unique visitors and Alexa ranking worldwide.

For this check, I highly recommend because I used them to analyze other websites above. Though their result isn’t 100% accurate they aren’t too far from the real website summary, say 98% accurate.

Wrap up

Advertising on these websites and forums requires a good and thorough check of these websites so you could be sure you are not better than those you want to advertise with. If you can get yourself 1000 visitors daily to your website, you need not these advertising platforms except you need a higher traffic and do so with a good website or forum.

I recommend and and lastly

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