How to Escape Google Adsense Suspension or Ban to Bloggers (A Detailed Guide)


If you’re a blogger, I presume you could have your main source of revenue as google Adsense.

If this is the case then you’ll need this guide as much as anyone would.

Firstly, google Adsense suspension and ban are what bloggers fear the most if they monetize with Adsense as this is caused by several reasons which sometimes we do not know them all.

As a result of these reasons, we have to be extremely careful the way we manage our websites and also our Adsense as any little provocation can cause or warrant Adsense ban on websites thereby making you loose all revenue accumulated.

In this effect, we have decided to arrange some terms, facts, teachings and guides to escape being banned from participating in google Adsense as a publisher.

Before we moved ahead with these guides, I will wish to say to you that this guide represents the general idea of the owner @blogincomes. Owing to the fact that several other webmasters may disprove of the facts I stated but nonetheless, these are the strategies I tried and it was proven by myself.

How To Escape Google Adsense Suspension

Avoid copyright

When we said you should avoid copying articles from one website to your own, we are practically serious here as it concerns the wellness of your google Adsense account.

Copyright violations is considered among the worst practices to bring down websites Alexa rating and google SERPS.

These days google used to ban websites as a result of copyright violation so we considered this one of the steps to escape google Adsense ban or suspension.

Avoid fake traffic or bot traffic to your website

sometimes real human visitors can turn out to become Bots.

Hope you know?

Most time bloggers engage in clicking on eachothers ads as they share traffic which is generated from groups and forums with the sole intention of generating revenue for themselves.

“Google is too smart to be played on and they will eventually find you out”

If you seek information online and also blog to earn from Adsense I suppose you must have come accross somewhere that said do not share clicks or traffic from groups and forums and let your visitors willingly click on your ads.

Another form of bot traffic to websites is the real bot traffic that we all know which is basically purchasing traffic from web traffic sellers to boost income.

Google Adsense frowns deeply at bot traffic and bans websites that indulge in such forthwith.

For real webtraffic I suggest you purchase from

Having too many outgoing links in your website

Links that are outgoing in a website is considered a good idea to boost traffic and increase backlinks but in a more severe case, several outgoing links leads to websites which are non-conformal to Adsense and this will call for outbound links to google Adsense hating websites.

Guess what could happen?

You will get banned or suspended for policy violations.

It is herein advised you should not use outgoing links at all on your websites unless you’re very very sure what and where the link goes.

Avoid wrong Adsense ads placements

Speaking of the wrong Adsense ads placements, we talk of…

Placing ads beside images

Blending your ads color with your theme

Using a single ads code in several areas in a website

These are the three basic wrong Adsense ads placements on a website. They are regarded as the basic because a little misue of them could cause Adsense ban on websites.

We seriously advise that you place ads on places which are not close to images to avoid your visitors clicking on ads thinking its an image. Also ads should be distinguished from website theme with a bold colour so as to differenciate which is ads.

Wrap up

These few points written above could explain why a lot of Adsense accounts gets banned or suspended from ads display on websites.

Google Adsense endorse great number of rules of which you must keep to all of it if you wish to create a lasting relationship with google Adsense.

We do not mean to say that these are all you should know about Adsense ban but we expressionlessly wrote what we do know and can account for.

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