Can You Earn Money Blogging as a Complete Newbie?

Bloggers should you blog hard or blog smart in 2017


This question first occurred to me three months back when I started to understand what really is there with blogging. It is notably a good fact that we want a life as free as possible so no-one will get to order you around and make you look like a janitor.

This our aspiration is only achievable through blogging and this is the perfect reason why weblog.

Now back to our business of the article, “should you blog hard or blog smart”,

I have been a blogger for quite some time now and I have also seen many of my co-bloggers who waste their time as did I trying to write many articles as possible so as to engage their readers with their contents and stories everyday round.

I was a party to this brand of bloggers way back when I started blogging at, I could write a minimum of 20 articles daily so as to keep up with traffic and engage with my readers. I took up the advice I got from a fellow bloggers blog which said the way to make it through blogging is to blog and blog and blog and that was exactly what I did but truthfully this doesn’t work well even for the entertainment websites that requires frequent updating.

I was making too many mistakes as a blogger and I wouldn’t want anyone to make such a mistake as I did. Here are listed some of the mistakes and harms writing always can do to a website;

  • Non-originality as a website owner

This will strive as possible to meet up to the desired post numbers thereby making originality shallow or even zero.

  • Bugging your visitors.

We all know that websites that frequently update on Facebook at some point seem to bug its visitors. Take for instance when you receive 30 mails from a website you susbscribed to their newsletter and see how boring it looks.

  • Non-engaging contents.

When your website updates 30 times daily, it loses engaging contents and it may be marked as spam by several of your visitors.

You could equally loose your potential visitors when you happen to disturb them with your unending stories as it is termed that too much of everything is bad.

Now having mentioned all these bad effects of blogging repeatedly, let’s talk about the real deal about blogging smart and blogging hard. Blogging smart is a better approach to E-presence and makes your readers want you more and better still keeps a better relationship between you and your readers.

Blogging hard is simply attributed to the facts leveled above and they are to the demerits of the blogger himself.

What is blogging hard

As stated by a colleague, blogging hard is that time when you always update a website consistently with non-original contents and also copied articles. When you blog hard, it is under must to write more than 10 articles per day and considerably more than 8 of those numerous 10 articles would be more meaningless than meaningful. Here below are the attributes of one who blogs hard;

  • Does not mind SEO for his website
  • Doesn’t have focused keywords he is targeting for his website
  • Doesn’t even care about running routing check on the website to know if everything was okay.
  • Never does keyword research on his website.
  • Careless about getting into googles first page but instead cares more about social media.
  • He sees social media traffic as the best.
  • Lastly, he doesn’t take email subscribers seriously.
  • These points leveled above are what we consider the traits of a blogger who blogs hard that blogging smart.

What is Blogging smart

Nevertheless, it is a trait natural to some unique bloggers who are more exposed to the internet and the world around it. Let me take a specific mention here, some bloggers blog smart and among them, I could only recommend but three blogs that blog smart though they are in technology niche and blogging tips niche they are really worth recommending and saying kudos to; they are,, and

These websites are considered by us to blog smart and not bug their readers with numerous email messages and flooding our Facebook walls.

Now, in fact, blogging smart has to do with many parts of blogging and covers many parts of blogging as well. This entails writing unique articles which could be close to or more than 1500 words article; see 3ptechies, and also knowing what your visitors want to hear from you. Blogging smart is as well defined as working perfectly on a websites SEO so you could make your way into googles the first page using long tailed keywords and keyword planner to spy on competitors keywords; see

A smart blogger could update once daily or twice daily and still have his traffic coming up because SEO is better than social media and SEO never dies but rather matures every waking day. Having briefly explained what blogging smart is, I would like to elaborate on the traits of a blogger who blogs. Smart;

  • He pays more attention to SEO than social media traffic.
  • He uses keyword planner; google keyword planner or semrush to spy on competitors keywords and conduct keyword research perfectly to increase presence online.
  • He frequently updates his website to make sure nothing harms his SEO setup.
  • He updates his blog once a day or more frequently twice daily.
  • He considers his readers want and feeds them with it not just writing at random.
  • Finally, a blogger who blogs smart tries everything possible to write an engaging post and conducts thorough editing before publishing.

Final words

These traits listed above could be ascribed as the traits of a blogger who blogs smart and not a blogger who blogs hard. One of the worst disadvantages of blogging hard is the amount of data you could waste daily always updating your website with what I could say are irrelevant updates which are already on thousands of websites with even stronger SEO.

If you read the above article you could exactly place where you belong easily.

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