Top 6 Blogging Practices That Scares away Your Potential Visitors


There are several actions you put up in your websites that happen to scare away your potential visitors thereby making it impossible for people to stay for long in your website and also brings down user experience and also increase bounce rate.

When your website visitors find anything wrong with your website, they wouldn’t report such to your comment section as naturally, it would seem an insult to the website owner so I suggest you use this guide to find them yourself. Several websites complain of losing their visitors over time as they tried making their websites much advanced.

“Certain websites lose their potential visitors whenever they try to do a little upgrade in their websites like better notification, theme and subscription notice”

It is always something you should note and keep with yourself that a blog with a simple outlook does better and tends to lose its potency once it is too advanced. I wasn’t in any way trying to say that upgrading your website is bad but it isn’t a good idea to endorse some actions while upgrading your website.

“Just as we decided to do this, need we remind you that your website theme affects much of your SEO performance and your revenue through your ads?”

We selectively handpicked some of these practices and better explained them in effect that if you have been practicing them it will be wise you stopped.

Let’s quickly dive into these practices.

  1. Using non-associated images on articles

For the records, website visitors love seeing images that says more about the writeup while reading websites contents. This is basically what entertainment bloggers should understand about misleading your visitors.

Sometimes, entertainment bloggers post links in forums like Nairaland and say “see a hectic accident that happened somewhere and when you go in to see the photos, you will end up seeing nothing related to the headline just read”.

It is always best advised if you are writing an article in your blog, better express the articles and images in a coherent manner so as to gain the affection and appreciation of your visitors.

Severally I see photos on Facebook posts and they send a meaningful and captivating message to viewers but if you mistakenly click on it you will end up seeing a non-informative news altogether.

This is one hell of practice several bloggers conduct on their websites and this has a very bad effect in advertising on social media ie:

  • . Facebook audience will be confused about what action your post is trying to pass considering you have a different image and a different caption message for the promotion.
  • . Twitter will also have a very negative effect on this as a result of diversified attention as your image and your caption message wasn’t same.
  • . Linkedln ads will also do the same as your images will always say a different thing about your real intent.
  • . In a nutshell, every social media strategy used to promote websites would work adversely with the website article being advertised.
  1. Using disturbing popup email subscription tag

I am a fan of several other websites as I still do learn and everyone is still a learner but let’s get one thing straight.

When you force your web visitors to subscribe to your blog they may end up not subscribing as your pop email subscription tag always disturbs reader experience.

If we could take away the fact that some of us use this on our websites, how do you normally feel if you’re always bothered to subscribe by the websites you visit?

“it’s boring right?”

Why not leave your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter if they enjoyed your articles and wanted to learn more in due time? If you force your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter they may end up not reading your numerous emails.

If you checked out several top-level domains (TLDs) in Nigeria, they do not seek to bore their visitors with may popups rather they prefer you signup the normal way if you wished to see and read more of their contents.

Recall that email subscribers are your most loyal visitors so they must come naturally.

  1. Using push notification on the website

Push notifications for those who do not seem to know what push notification is:

This is regarded as the message that appears on the top left side of the laptop screen while on a webpage and normally spells out:

“would you like this website to send notifications and they give options for allowing and block”

Several websites use push notifications that sometimes seem to scare their visitors away, basically those using mobile phones to view their websites.

These push notifications blocks off the total face of the phone screen and the visitor hardly sees what he does around the background.

This sometimes makes your visitors grow annoyed and they may quit the website entirely or they will tend not to visit often.

  1. Using too large popup ads in your website

Using Google Adsense on a website is a neat and beautiful thing to do as the ads appear much beautifully and as well arranged perfectly.

On the other hand, several people use Google Adsense in a very offending manner. Sometimes you visit websites and see ads flooding the page you visited, these not being the infeed ads, inarticle ads or native ads but some pop-up ads.

These ads cover the phone or laptops screen and never allows you to do anything else till you have rendered an impression on it.

These website owners do think they are making money from here but basically, you’re in a way trying to pursue your visitors from visiting your website.

  1. Using a popup ads network in your website

Sometimes you will be navigating a website and at a time you seem to have non-deliberately opened a link and it opens in another window or sometimes deliberately clicking on the scroll side of the website brings on a new window in your web browser.

“I suppose this is a bad experience as you will have to close those opened web windows”.

This is basically caused by popup ads networks being used on websites eg propeller ads, popads, revenuehits and a host others.

Many at times, this is seen in locally owned websites with no Google Adsense ads on them but other ads networks on them. I understand this because I have once experimented with it.

  1. Making much repetition of a phrase in your article (Bad SEO Practice)

I suppose you have read, seen or read the part of SEO that suggests that you should use your keyword in your article body as many times as good.

This isn’t trying to imply you should use it in such a way to bore your visitors but alternatively, several bloggers do use it in their whole article and make it seem boring and best ascribed as a “tautology”.

You should mention your keyword in your article but not exceeding the normal number of times you should do that. This should be from 5-10 times depending on how long is the web article you’re writing.

Wrap up

Looking at these practices leveled above you will find out that they are selectively handpicked and nothing seemed to be missing. If you have any reason to say otherwise, the comment section is here.

If these practices were avoided in websites, you will end up having a very good blog or website which is almost close to being perfect.

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