How Non-targeted Visitors to Your Website Bring Down Adsense CPC (cost per click)


Your earnings as a Google Adsense publisher will be gravely affected if you happen to bring in non-targeted visitors to your website.

I have tried attending to several questions concerning why Google Adsense publishers CPC is always low, say $0.03-0.10. In my detailed article, I wrote on this said topic, I mentioned one of the reasons to be “bringing in Non-targeted visitors to your website”.

I recently decided to elaborate more this point so many newbies and some pro bloggers could learn from our service.

It may keep you wondering why I had to say this but I really have to as it is something bloggers and newbies should know. I wouldn’t want to sound just as straight as anything else answering the question but at the same time, I will explain this in details.

Note: we always loved to give our readers detailed explanations of things here

Can non-targeted web visitors bring down my google Adsense CPC?

Naturally, you do not go to a supermarket and expect to buy building materials, do you?

When you happen to bring in non-targetted visitors to your website, you will end up bringing down your Google Adsense CPC as a result that almost all the clicks you get to your ads are not as a result of basic user interest but as a result that they just wanted to click.

Have you once taken time to explore why traffic from groups, Facebook pages and forums never give a good return on Google Adsense revenue and hence provide a poor CPC on the Adsense?

You can literally generate a good and handsome google Adsense CPC by publishing your content on websites and forums which is directed to your web niche eg using the webmaster section of Nairaland to publish articles on how to blog.

This will earn you a better CPC than when you publish the same article in another section of Nairaland, say jokes section.

“this is an experiment you could try as a Nigerian blogger”

Now let’s consider the basic reason why we are writing this article.

Basically, when you said you’re a blogger and you’re bringing in traffic into your website, you must have a link to deal with targetted visitors eg Facebook, linkedln, twitter, google adword and better still online traffic vendors like

We basically choose to target specific individuals while advertising online our websites. Basically, we target people who are relevant to what we are writing about, people who wish to see our contents and as well people who have a deep interest in what we have to write about.

If you’re are a webmaster like myself, you wouldn’t go around advertising your website to visitors who are interested in fashion.

Note: several Nigerian bloggers do use a lot of non-targeted traffic in their websites but their main problem is that they fail to understand exactly where the non-targeted visitors are coming from.

While advertising to the wrong audience, we could get some clicks to our ads but we see that the revenue generated from these specific ads clicks when monitored very very strictly gives a very low CPC when compared to clicks generated from targetted visitors.

Having said this, we would like to also spell out where these non-targeted website visitors can be generated from as it is now a thing that several people suffer as they incessantly complain of low Adsense CPC and relatively very low Adsense earning.

Sources of non-targeted traffic

  • . Forums like Nairaland, jackobian
  • . Facebook pages and groups
  • . Random visitors
  • . Using social medias like twitter, google+, linkedln, reddit, stumbleupon
  • . Friends who just visit to know updates
  • . Sharing to whatsapp groups
  • . Forcing friends and family to visit websites or bugging friends for visits

Note: while we mentioned social medias as a source of non targeted traffic, we do not mean to say outrightly that social media ads like Facebook ads, twitter ads, linkedln ads and reddit ads do not bring targeted visitors to websites. They do but when targeted perfectly.

Wrap up

It is a good idea and a profitable one to target your website visitors very very well as targeted web visitors gives in the best performance of ads and also increase revenue.

It is better to target a little audience and stand a chance of little turnups from them provided they are taken from a certified targeted source other than trying out a traffic source that earns you thousands of web visitors but little or no revenue.

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