Writing a good and informative content on your blog. A first time step to keep good relationship with your visitors


Now, everyone of us at some point happen to be a website visitors even the pro bloggers do visit other websites for brainstorming ideas and also to learn more as it is always said no-one knows everything, not even everything in your own field. Apart from getting to the top of google first page, there is yet another bigger issue that bloggers face that is more severe than coming up to google search engine first page.

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This is the issue of “good content” let me tell you, if you happen to appear on google first page without a good information about what the reader wants, he/will never open your website even if you appear 100 times over other search terms searched earlier. Firstly, a blog is based on uniqueness, and what expressively you can offer to your audience and website visitors not just about targeting the focus keywords but enriching those keywords with great contents.

Writing good and informative contents on a website builds a better relationship between website visitors and the website owner wherein they exchange their views on the websites comment section. The benefits of writing good and informative articles on your website are huge and most time they guarantee the success and incomes of a website/blog.

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NB: no one said that writing a million words article was the way to write a good content, no. A good content drives its function like a real life conversation and explains in details everything a visitors needs to know maybe in a little sentence or a thousand words. The main consideration in a good and informative article is not the length but the value. Sometimes, bloggers go ahead writing long and boring articles and scare their visitors away from their blog with their unending thread of stories which has no central focus.

Eg: this article is decided upon telling bloggers the essence of writing a good and informative article.

I couldn’t start telling stories of when I started blogging, it could be termed off point. Notably 3ptechies and shoutmeloud are known for their long thread of articles but extensively encouraging and engaging with visitors.

Let’s explain briefly the benefits and guarantees of writing good and informative articles on your website.

  1. Writing good articles increaseas your subscribers as they would want to hear from you next time.
  2. Writing good and informative articles expands the scope of ones business as a website owner could initiate a direct advertising or affiliate market and succeed with it because his readers believe he has something to offer With E-books.
  3. Writing good and informative articles makes your visitors recommend your website for other readers thereby increasing your readers scope (increase in traffic).
  4. Writing good and informative articles gets your visitors to share your articles for others to read on. This doesn’t employ the difficulty in asking your visitors to share. What is worth sharing must be shared.
  5. Let’s not forget the basic fact that this act is the only way to get into google first page and induce search engine traffic.
  6. With captivating keywords written for a good and informative post, it is almost impossible for a visitor to walk past your article, he/she must wish to take a look.
  7. One of the guarantees of relevant clicks on ads Is how good the wrticles in the website are. once you were able to have good articles, you are assured of relevant clicks from visitors.

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Listed above are the best benefits we know about writing good and informative articles. Meanwhile we would be obliged if anyone levelled their own views on what benefits writing a good and informative article bring to a website.

Your contribution means a lot.

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