The One Legit Get Rich Quick Program For Bloggers in 2018


I know everyone reading this would like to dive into the final story of what is truly the get rich quick scheme I was about to talk about knowing full well you’re here for the obvious. It is known to you and I that blogging isn’t just a game of chance or a game of luck where only the lucky ones get rich in it and the unlucky ones are left poor, blogging in the other way means more than that for certainty.

blogging is a part of the E-commerce which simply takes stages to mature just as normal businesses take time to mature and to start fetching their owner’s useful income. Time must be spent in every business anyone ventures into and blogging was never in any means different.

Over the years I have existed in the blogosphere with my first blogging year meaning a year of making little cents with Adsense and I was able to make my first useful withdrawal for the first time in a year after accumulating cents to make dollars. I must confess, the only idea that kept me going till date was patience as I was taught well by my mentor, admin

I always quote him whenever he said: “Be patient you will make it with blogging”.

I put it to you that every part of monetizing a blog is always a difficult one and must require patience, be it running ads on websites, direct advertising, affiliate marketing, consulting, direct services, running a donation blog and several other means involves patience so as to build a better relationship with your readers.

Today we will be disclosing the best and the easiest get rich quick for bloggers in 2018 which is what I presume every blogger really needs this coming year.

We know several people have several means for monetizing their websites but I still stand on the fact about Google Adsense as the best way to monetize a micro-niche blog.

I didn’t wish to pull your legs but you have to believe with me on this conclusion “the only get the rich quick scheme for bloggers is only but GOOGLE ADSENSE”. Now having said this, let’s get to know Google Adsense programme a little better.

What is Google Adsense programme

The Google Adsense programme is a platform created by Google to ensure their publishers gets the highest payments as possible from displaying adverts on the ads spaces of their websites. They offer several monetization processes which range from CPC, eCPM, RPM, CTR. The last of these abbreviations is not a monetization process but a tool for calculating the CPC.

Someone once asked how does google make money when they pay publishers such huge amount monthly? The answer is simple the more you earn the more google earn from those whose ads you see live.

Let me go a bit down and explain these abbreviations above;


Cost per click on an ad shown live on your website. This is the actual cost advertisers pay you per click (relevant click) on your website ads. This CPC can range from $0.03-$3.00 depending on website niche and also the GEO of the traffic. Tier A countries pay up to $2-3 per click eg the USA, Germany, united kingdom and others.

. eCPM

This is the estimated cost per mile which is the cost per every 1000 visitors that visits your website. This can range from $1-2 for traffic from tier A countries. Countries like Nigeria pay lesser on eCPM and more lesser for countries like India.


This is in full called the revenue per mile which is the actual revenue realized per mile. When we say per mile we mean every 1000 visitors that come into your website we measure how much you make with them. This is one of the ways to earn money using Google Adsense.


This is in full explained as the click-through rate. It is also a tool used to measure the amount of clicks users exert on your Adsense ads. The number of times users that visit your website clicks on your ads is calculated as the CTR and expressed in percentage. This is not a means of earning from Adsense but it is virtually a way of measuring revenue on your website.

Let us now look at the reasons why I said that Google Adsense is the only get a rich quick programme for bloggers

Firstly I would like to acknowledge the fact that no other advertising platform pays publishers up to 10 cents per click on ads let alone pay $3 for a single click, if there is you’re welcomed to state it here.

Secondly, Google Adsense pays good money on eCPM other than other ads publishing platforms like and advertisers.

Thirdly google Adsense doesn’t restrict your maximum revenue to certain countries as every country is exposed to good revenue once there is sufficient traffic coming in. The least GEO for ads earnings is India which pays $0.30 per click on ads.

Fourthly google Adsense pays on different ads displayed on websites as different ads pay different amounts upon clicks.

Wrap up

If you think Google Adsense isn’t the best paying ads network and the easiest get a rich quick programme, try other advertising networks like, bidvertiser, yllix, and a host of several others. Believe me, it is best to understand Google Adsense as the best make money rich programme.

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