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Are you still buying Facebook pages from sellers hoping to generate huge website traffic from there?

Well, this article is strictly designated for you.

Let’s start by explaining what a Facebook page is.

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page is an outlet which is based to represent a specific website, business, or any legal venture in Facebook and basically used for relating to an entire audience.

Businesses, news, and information relating to the particular reason for creation are shared here in a defined Facebook page for a defined audience.

Basically, the Facebook page is used to boost the audience level of a business and trigger sales, and conversions (websites) and also used to expand the exposure of a business via Facebook.

It has no limit of audience it can contain and can be gotten from all sides of the globe.

Having explained what a Facebook page means, it would do us better to explain to ourselves what really is wrong with purchasing a Facebook page from a seller and trying to make the audience link up with what you have to offer.

“This is always done by websites owners and bloggers”

I suppose I mentioned that a Facebook page is built under and around a target audience for the host/parent website or business, if I did then I am right to suggest the following…

Let’s start by explaining why you should not buy an already created Facebook page with a huge audience.

. Lack of desired traffic

Naturally, webmasters do check how effective and active a Facebook page can be by judging from the analytics of its audience likes and how active the Facebook page audience is to photo uploads.

When I say how active the Facebook audience is to photo upload I mean likes, comments, and shares.

We do not yet wish to consider our main motive for the Facebook page which is traffic and we hesitantly conclude on the pages traffic strength.

Why not check for website links and see how the visitors react to it as it is a natural phenomenon for people to react better to photos than links.

Since you want to use the Facebook page from web traffic generation, then seek for how active the audience are on links, not photo uploads.

As a result of this, you will end up having lesser web traffic than you desired to pull into your website from the said Facebook page.

. The best source of non-targeted visitors

An already existing Facebook page on another website name or company or business name will fetch you thousands of non-targeted visitors as their interest in the previous website it was hosted with or the parent website is not the same as the new website that crept in.

Visitors from this kind of Facebook page will have even lesser interest in the new website and also consider the fact that many of your subscribers may get to decrease with time.

“sometimes after buying a Facebook page, the audience starts decreasing and the likes accumulated will be gradually reduced”

This is as a result of lack or loss of interest.

You can generate as much as possible visitors from this kind of Facebook page but one thing is certain, “the visitors generated are of high-quality non-targeted traffic”

Also know that even when your said website and the host website are in the same niche, the audience interest must change over time.

. Brings in visitors with reduced interest and increase visitors bounce rate

Web traffic sourced from this means is known and believed to bring in visitors with high bounce rate in websites and also visitors with low or no interest in what you’re writing about.

The bounce rate of web visitors is explained as the rate at which your visitors leave your website upon visit.

It is simply put as the time spent by your visitors when they visit your website.

Bringing in traffic from such Facebook pages gives a website a huge traffic with reduced visitors interest and also high visitors bounce rate.

. Annoys page audience leading to page unsubscription and non-activeness

Some Facebook pages are always reported to turn out to become non-active after being purchased.

I suppose the reason for this is quite simple. Let me explain better.

When Facebook page audience gets annoyed because of the kind of articles they receive as you bought the page or your numerous links shared to them, this will eventually drive them to become less active with your contents.

This change of feelings will create an outburst of page unsubscription and also will turn out to render the page non-active.

“this is the point where several bloggers say I bought the page and it was active but in few months it stopped being active and dropped severely”.

At this point, we wish to point to the reasons why you should grow your own Facebook audience yourself from the scratch.

. A better source of targeted visitors

Grooming your own Facebook page yourself gives your audience the crude knowledge of what you’re sharing to them via your website.

This is where your audience gets to know about your website and what you have to offer and from there you can start generating leads, sales, and conversions as your audience is of higher dedication to your website.

This is the same case with the Facebook page that you normally buy from Facebook page sellers as the audience are very active with the pages parent website.

. Greater traffic size

If your Facebook page is your website parent hosted, your audience will tend to be converting the more as it stands with them that they already knew your website.

They tend to be more dedicated than non-dedicated and from here you can generate as much as possible web traffic to your own website.

Best level of web traffic is always being generated when the visitors are geared to like your website/blog and also are interested in what you’re writing.

. Highly interested web visitors are guaranteed

Since we said that your web visitors at this point are targeted, loyal and dedicated, they are equally matched as being highly interested in the said website and its contents.

Using a Facebook page with thousands of highly interested visitors, you could end up having to start up a good and reputable affiliate marketing with your website and as well a direct advert.

It is always being said that visitors do not buy from who they do not know. Take this or leave it, however, it is true.

. Page audience do not get annoyed or lose interest

So far we are still talking of and writing what the said Facebook page audience came for, we minimize the chance of them getting annoyed with the page contents and also the risk of losing interest.

Facebook page with the highly positive audience will never lose its websites audience interest unless something like selling the page out happens and then they will develop a decrease in their prime interest.

Wrap up

We have seen several Nigerian bloggers making the mistake of buying Facebook pages from sellers, lest you consider the above-written article, you will stop buying these Facebook pages from sellers and groom yours yourself.

Bought Facebook pages will never fetch you the desired web visitors and the desired conversions. It is considered a waste of already accumulated income.

I have always wasted much money in buying Facebook pages and I decided to put up this writing to clear you guys.

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