Why You Must Target Keywords With Low And Medium Competition In Your Website


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Would you mind if I was a little bit specific in this today’s article?

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If you would, then read on.

If you checked very well, several newly created websites do not rank online for any search term using google search engine or any other search engine.

Note: we will be placing our mind on google search engine as it is the most popular and the most used.

The reason behind several websites either created newly or have been years online are not appearing in search results when their keywords are googled is simple and it is this:

Targetting high competition keywords

If you ever targetted high competition keyword in your website, just be rest assured that you cannot outrank the huge companies that are up there and also dominating the search terms with ads.

This is even if google crawled your website.

What are high competition keywords?

These are keywords associated or related to your website niche but they are being dominated by the BIG MOZ in your niche as per say, you cannot rank for them.

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They are specific keywords of high importance in a website niche in which billions of people look up monthly in google requesting reliable results which must be correct and not an assumption.

The bad side of high competition keywords

It is always awful that sometimes we write certain good articles, we rank on google search engine above the BIG MOZ in the industry but we never get to see any visitor from the said article which outranked the BIG MOZ.

This is caused by three things respectively

. Popularity

Sometimes, the BIG MOZ websites do outrank us by their popularity and certain visitors will be looking for what the authority domains have to say about what they are looking for rather than what your website has to say.

This is because you’re not a big name in the industry.

. Our snippet and title

Sometimes the way our website appears to the audience is not appealing or catchy enough to attract clicks from the visitors.

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If our snippet is good enough and it is also catchy, then we can outsmart the BIG MOZ websites.

. Keyword used (What users look up)

Are you accurate that your visitors are using the same search term as you’re using while searching?

You’re the writer and as such, you can twist your search phrase to fit into the article you have so far written.

So sometimes when we twist our search terms to fit into google search terms and our websites come up and this is wrong as several billions of searchers will never use that same keyword over the month.

I think we have educated you enough now let’s see why we should target low or medium competition keyword in our websites.

Let us look at the simple and easy benefits of targetting low competition keywords on our websites

. High traffic

This is the first advantage of targeting low or medium competition keywords and we highly recommend using google keyword planner for your keyword research.

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Let’s make an assumption here…

“If you had 100 unique articles in your website and basically target them from low and medium competition keywords, if a single article in them all fetches you 20 visitors each, let’s do the math: 20 visitors daily multiplied by 100 articles, you’re having 2000 visitors from search engine daily”

This is the exact traffic that will fetch you above $10 daily considering the traffic is high converting and also has a higher CPC and lastly doesn’t suffer google Adsense estimated earnings deductions.

So in plain language, using and targeting low and medium competition keywords for websites will fetch you good traffic to your website.

. Targeted visitors

I do not think this point would call for much explanation as we already know what targeted visitors are and what brings them to websites.

Fetching visitors from the search engine is the basic and the number one source of search engine visitors.

You can receive highly targeted visitors to your website through this means.

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. High conversions

If you’re using any form of website monetization, I suppose visitors coming from search engine through low and medium competition keyword can fetch you the desired and required visitors and further increase your sales and conversions if you have any service to issue out to your visitors.

. Easy search ranking

Have you ever noticed in this life that you can write and publish an article now and start ranking for it now?

This is true and it happens very often.

This is as a result of the kind of keyword you’re targeting.

If you’re targeting low and medium competition keyword it will work and you can rank for any post even seconds after publishing.

This is only provided you’re not targeting the high competition keywords.

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. Stagnancy in Search position on Google search result

One good thing I love about SEO is its stagnancy. Once you have managed to rank for a keyword, you’ll find it Quite difficult to stop ranking for it.

The position you have already taken in the search ranking of the article in the search engine will never be replaced for quite some time but rather you’ll be improving in the present as you could always go up.

This is not to say you cannot still go down in the Google SERP but this will happen only if a better website wrote something better than your own or your SEO setup becomes weak.

This is why we suggested you can hire an SEO expert for the job and just drop with us a little token. Click here!

Wrap up

All these explained protocols and guides are for websites with strong SEO setup as it will never work for websites that are not crawled by google search engine.

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Targeting low and medium competition keywords can help improve the earnings of a website, its SEO, its popularity and also its value as it concerns the problem it solves for people online or the information received through it.

I am equally not trying to say that there are not websites with a good SEO setup, but once these websites keep targeting the high competition keywords, they are as good as nonSEO optimized websites.

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