My Bitter Experience With Airtel Unlimited 20 Data Plan… How Airtel Blocked Me

A view shared by a nairalander
When Airtel rolled out its unlimited plan in July I was one of the numerous Nigerians who believed that it was going to be a huge relief to my data challenges. A week before I needed the plan I Int to deposit N10,000 at the Ilorin Airtel Shop
I’d like to state clearly that I am subscribed to [b]Airtel Unlimited 20[/b]which I bought, precisely on Friday 28th of July. I was given a MIFI
a SIM with phone no 08084517720 alongside the data plan.
Since I purchased the device I have not been able to use the product and I have had to subscribe to an alternative network as a back up for Airtel’s bad service… this has caused me a lot of money has I have not enjoyed Airtel service for once in the last 27 days.

I have been to Airtel Ilorin contact centre over 5 times complaining about the issue without it being resolved. ( I’d like to state clearly without mincing words that you Shop Manager in Ilorin is TERRIBLE, without no iota of concern for customers) I have call records to prove this.

There was a day I was in Airtel Ilorin contact centre two weeks ago for 3 hours this same man refuse to communicate with me.

Eventually on Friday 4th of August an Airtel engineer was assigned to visit our office he came and attested to the fact that the network was not good despite the fact that an Airtel mast was opposite our office and there was no obstruction. I was assured that the issue would be resolved over that weekend.

But when I came to office on the monday following (7th August) I was shocked to observe that the network was still terrible.

I called the Ilorin contact centre shop manager to tell them the network is still bad almost two weeks after purchasing Airtel Unlimited 20.
When I called the manager I asked him if the engineers came to fix the issue as promised and all he said was “are you the only one experiencing the issue? and I replied his with “how am I supposed to know? He said go and ask people around you if they are experiencing the issue and he ended the call abructly!

I initially refrained from going public but when I contacted airtel via their inbox I was reassured that the issue would be resolved…
I like to state that it is a very long story but I dont want to bore you with it…

The important thing is Airtel kept promising me with diplomatic words that the issue would be resolved but precisely on August 16 while I was trying to make a follow up inquiry on Airtel Facebook I discovered that I had been blocked on Airtel facebook page.. I need to state clearly that I was neither rude nor insultive but Airtel decided to block me because they couldn’t profer a solution to my complaint…

I called Airtel again and reported the whole issue and all they could do was reply me with the usual all inconviniecies are regretted…. bla bla bla
It is exactly¬†27 days today that I subscribed to Airtel unlimited 20 and it is expiring in 3 days time…the data plan was a waste and for complaining to Airtel..¬†I got blocked.

It is only in Nigeria customers are offered poor service delivery and get blocked for trying to air their view so bad!

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