What Should You Blog About. A Detailed Insight and Guide to Blogging Successfully

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Blogging derives its name from bloggers uniqueness among themselves, and it is basically a product of what you can do best. Take for instance you’re seated face to face with your laptop wondering what to write about and nothing was forthcoming. An hour was gone and still nothing to show for it, time extended to five hours and you’re still staring at your laptop, this is a sign that you want to be “original”. Trying to be original when it comes to blogging is one of the hardest tasks faced by bloggers as they see it as a waste of time and energy writing about something unique, but much considerably sometimes, bloggers think no-one is interested in what they have to offer in their own uniqueness.

Say you are a woodwork designer that designs home appliances with crumbs of wood and planks and you ever considered creating a blog. Since woodwork is what you’re perfect with, isn’t it good that you start a blog about your craft and be perfect in it? Rather you could think no-one may be interested in woodwork and you then search for what everyone wants to read about, and there you go you create a celebrity, entertainment website and join the mass of millions of Nigerians in same blogging Niche.

Creating a blog so perfect and simple could be very benefiting as you could serve yourself only original website articles and this will leave you to blog smart.

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Now let’s take a look at the reason for this article “what should you blog about”

Understanding blogging

Blogging is passion, motivation, educational qualification maybe, knowledge and maybe a little of exposure.

blogging for passion

When you blog, you should blog about what you have passion for I mean what you are/feel passionate about, it could be football, blogging tips, technology, food or craft works. Stated by Harsh Kumar Agrawal I started blogging as a passion before I even dreamt about making money with it. It was in my third blogging year that I started thinking of how to monetize my blog. Exactly the same should go to you as a blogger. It isn’t about making the money but basically about helping people with your uniqueness.

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Blogging for motivation

Blogging could also come from motivation, you should blog about what you’re motivated about. It could be anything maybe with some potential meaning or without any potential meaning but blogging about any topic gives it meaning. Motivation is one of the watchwords towards blogging. I happen to be an example “I¬† was motivated to write about blogging tips, not because I am too perfect but I believe some people would need my contribution in the internet”.

Blogging due to educational qualification

Some people do achieve some educational qualification and wish to share their experience or what they know with the entire universe. I once know a blogger who is an estate manager, graduated three years back and now runs a real estate blog exposing what he knew about blogging to the entire world. Another instance is the IT guru the admin@ 3ptechies.com, he hold a degree in ITC and runs a blog that explains just the same as the degree he holds. blogging due to educational qualification is another way of extending teaching and lecturing to far and wide angles.

Blogging due to knowledge

Knowledge is power they say. Your personal knowledge over things are to a very good extent one of the basic reasons why you should blog. Exposing your knowledge to the entire world deals perfectly with several blogs who stand uniqueness and share original articles out of their own personal opinions and knowledge. A blogger who serves a strong knowledgebase in technology could open a tech blog and share his knowledge with his website visitors.

blogging as a result of exposure

Little or huge exposure to to happenings in life and some things which are unique and explains more about other things in life could account a big time to the reasons for creating a blog. When one creates a blog as a result of exposure, he/she writes more of reviews than just ordinary articles and these reviews throws more light on how to properly make use of the appliances or things being reviewed at large.

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Wrap up

Blogging is basically the fruit of uniqueness, always try to be unique in your way and blogging is sure a tool to make you your bread and butter. These four reasons for blogging are what you should abide with whenever blogging is put to the table.

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