Jackobian Forum:They Are Big Scam. A testimony of A Customer Who Got Scammed. (Admin @Techplan.com.ng)

Jackobian Group is a scam a real big time scam please readers take note.

Advertising on high traffic Nigerian forums like Nairaland is a very good way of sourcing web traffic for conversions, sales and awareness creation. But I have a very bad story to share concerning our using another nigerian forum to seek web traffic but they failed me real bad.

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I am writing this review to share to every user of the web the bad side of the nonpopular nigerian forum jackobian.com which used scamming to enrich themselves and make their money but to the detriment of the web owners seeking the traffic and advertising on their website.

My detailed negative review of jackobian.com

Jackobian.com is a great scam please take note readers. Let me continue exposing my ordeal with them.

Five days back I contacted prezzy the admin @jackobian.com one of the popular Nigerian forums and I requested to run adverts in his website and so to say I received an e-mail from him concerning their ad rates and prices for specific duration of ads going live on their forums. Initially he said #1,000 daily with an assurance of 1,000 visitors daily and I was happy that my traffic issue is as good as gone.

But I was as wrong as hell.

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Later I called him for his account details so we can start off on a fast lane and he changed the story that since I will run the traffic for a little while of 3days he will make the bidding #5,000 and I hadn’t any problem with that since I will receive my desired traffic.

Upon paying him, I started expecting the web traffic like in the morning because I sent him the money in the evening say around 7pm.

To my utter dismay I woke up the next morning and checked my web traffic statistics and it was very flat and I was shocked. I received only a single visit. From their forum and that was on a thread I shared and not on my ads.

NB: he requested a text ads I mean a caption and not a banner for the ads.

I called him and explained the situation and even sent him the screenshot of my traffic and he said he will fix it.

“I wonder what he was going to fix there but anyways I calmed down”

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Two days pasy and I didn’t see anything coming from him. I was forced to call severally he wasn’t picking up anymore, I tried chatting him and the result was all the same. He ignores my chat on whatsapp and never replies to them anymore.

Please guys, is there anyway else to perform scam action on a buyer?

I repeat, jackobian.com forum is a big time scam.

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Wrap up

I just wonder why website owners and Nigerian entrepreneurs cannot deliver to what they promised their patronizers including some certain big websites like the jackobian forum. If you wish not to heed this testimony, then you can try them out and see the result yourself.