How to know a fake website traffic seller. A Guide For A First Timer


This is a review about buying website traffic online from online web traffic sellers like,,, and host of several other web traffic sellers online.

Basically, this write-up is considered a personal review and experience of the admin concerning buying traffic online. This write up should cover:

  • . What you should know about buying traffic online.
  • . Types of web traffic sellers.
  • . How to know a fake web traffic seller.
  • . How to monitor a fake traffic.
  • . Experiment to verify if the traffic is safe for Adsense (although costly).

Let’s start out with our review from here and learn the basics of buying website traffic from online traffic sellers.

. What you should know about buying traffic online

This is where many people start out making the mistakes of buying web traffic from online sellers just because they lack the basic fundamental knowledge of what they should know when buying web traffic from online sellers.

NB: whatever we write here solely represents the idea of the admin

Being well we have tried out these sources and we are here to say what we have found out from experience, we implore you to read slowly and steadily so you will get every bit of the information we wish to pass on here.

What you should know about buying web traffic online

. The cheaper the price the higher the chance of the traffic being fake.

This is a very detailed outcome on its own. We know that our natural mind is that when the price of goods is too poor, its either its of a low value or it has no value at all and this is no different when it comes to buying web traffic from online sellers. sells every 75 visitors for $31 USD depending on the seller did that tell you anything?

Probably their traffic is good enough to be sold at such a high price but on the contrary, it Is relatively poor as we have tried it out and it has a very negative result.

. Check out the number of good reviews about them

Once your product is good, customers whom you have served will write some good reviews about your products and same goes for web traffic sellers.  We have read several reviews about many web traffic sellers online and 98% of those reviews say they are a scam but only a particular web traffic seller could stand the test as no negative review was written about them.

NB: we shall still try them out.

. Timeframe for the dispersed traffic

The time frame given for the traffic to be dispersed is another thing and its a huge factor that several online marketers (basically google Adsense users) do not wish or seem to understand. No website started out and started making millions of visits daily,  it is true that google intelligence cannot be easily fooled but believe me you can trick it.

Let’s assume you eventually got a good web traffic seller (Adsense safe traffic) and you bought a whole 100,000 visitors, some webmasters will spread it over a month but this is Too bad as google can suspect an illicit act. It is much advised you spread 10,000 visitors over a month and 100,000 visitors over say 3 months so that Google algorithms will still not notice you bought traffic.

Let me quote Google here: you can source traffic from any source as long it is Adsense safe and complies with our programme policy (see Adsense programme policy).

Google never said you can purchase traffic but just so you know there are other good sources of paid traffic that Google also harness which are adword and bing ads.

. Website interface

A fake web traffic seller website has almost one thing in common which is their poor website interface and background. While trying to purchase traffic online and you happen to come across these websites with a poor interface, it is best advised you ignore them because they will give you nothing less than a fake.

Having known these let’s go the second step.

. Types of web traffic sellers

Basically, buying web traffic online isn’t just about buying from direct sellers but also buying from fellow websites where you use banners, sponsored posts, and others. Then this will result in listing the two web traffic sellers:

. Direct sellers: these web traffic sellers send the traffic directly to the provided domain name and charge less than their counterpart and this is one of the basic reasons why their traffic is considered fake. Eg:,,, and others.

. Banner, sponsored posts and link traffic sellers

These traffic sellers use banners, sponsored posts and sponsored links to send their traffic and they charge on impressions rather than clicks. Basically, these traffic sellers are more costly than the direct sellers and they are considered more safe traffic. Eg,, and

Read full details here: best online traffic sellers.

How to know a fake web traffic seller

This is relatively an easy task to perform judging from the facts leveled above on:

  • . Price
  • . The interface of the traffic seller website
  • . Number of visits to be sent
  • . Reviews and testimonials about them.
  • Let’s look at the number four. This could be as important as the last one.
  • . How to monitor a fake web traffic

Maybe we can tell you that you can monitor fake traffic and know whether it’s real or not, could you believe if we did? Yes, you can monitor web traffic for reality conclusions.

If you ever wanted to monitor a fake traffic, install google analytics in your website and monitor where your web traffic comes from and the quality of the traffic you’re paying for.

If you are an expert in using google analytics you wouldn’t find this much hard to undertake but if you are not too good using the google analytics, you could always refer to the google analytics intelligence and let Google do the hard task.

. Experiment if the web traffic is safe for Adsense (this may be relatively costly)

If you have tried out all the above-stated criterion for a good web traffic source and they prove to be coming from a legit source, then you may want to know if the traffic is safe for Adsense because not all the verifiable traffic is safe for Adsense (for Adsense users).

Now if you want to verify if your traffic source is safe for Adsense then read on:

NB: we have said this earlier this verification is costly but it will be more a disaster if you get your Adsense account banned.

  • . If you can buy an Adsense account just do so and have the code placed on a website (maybe newly created website as a bad traffic source can get a website banned from Adsense programme).
  • . Implement the Adsense code in the new website and make sure the ads are live.
  • . Then buy off a package for traffic with the desired traffic source which proves to be verifiable with google analytics.
  • . Then send the said traffic to the new website with the Google Adsense ads code in it.
  • . Then watch what happens with the Adsense account and the earnings.
  • . If the Adsense account happens to be banned during the course of the traffic session, then the traffic isn’t healthy for Adsense but if otherwise proven, then the traffic is healthy for Adsense and can be applied on your main website for more visitors growth and engagements and revenue increase.

Wrap up

Buying web traffic is good when you buy from a legit source but if by any chance you make a mistake by buying fake traffic, you will stand a chance to lose your Adsense account and maybe also get your website banned from the Adsense programme.

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