Blog Or Vlog Which Is The Best Option For Your E-Business In Nigeria.

Over the years, blogging has been the source of income for over a million Nigerians who really placed their heads and their efforts in the business and solely contributed their time to it.

Blogging per se is an E-business platform which enables bloggers to place adverts on their site and sell their advertising space and earn money when their ads are clicked by genuine interest from users. There are several other ways which bloggers earn money other than placing Adsense ads on their websites. Website owners could choose the option of selling ads space to marketers in form of affiliate and earn revenue per sale generated via their affiliate link.

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Nigerians E-business owners have only based their ideas on blogging only and never thought it wise to generate or find out another means of making revenue and diversify their audience other than blogging which necessarily calls for copying one other hardly written works. Literally, over 80% of Blogs that exists in Nigeria have the natural tendency of copying other writers works and making some editorial changes to it only to get something a bit different for their audience to read. We have over a thousand website per niche selected in Nigeria so to say, technology, news, celebrity gossip, entertainment, sports, jokes, medical and health websites and a host of more others who thrive to make the google first page. With respect to what we wish to discuss with E-business owners, we have to start officially by bringing to the limelight what blogging is all about.


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Sorry to voice out in this manner, but the majority of so called bloggers cannot give a full description of what blogging is all about and the least they could know, the definition of BLOG but I guess a host of them never knew. BLOG: this is in full described as BOOK LOG (BOOK LOGGING). This is the compilation of story, events, reviews, ideas etc in a comprehensive manner and bringing it to the public to create awareness. In other words, it is the E-written news, articles, biographies, events, reviews etc and not expressing them verbally as words on the television screen. The blog has a stern strength than news as it makes the write up relevant for anytime it is needed but news goes off as soon as it is completed on the television screen. A person who constantly writes news on a website, or writes about an event, review, articles etc is ascribed as a blogger. Knowing what blogging/blog means, we could talk about the VLOG/VLOGGING.


Vlogging/VLOG is what majority of us mistake as youtube videos not really knowing the real meaning of the youtube videos. And I certainly guess we love it when we watch funny shortened comedy skits on Facebook, those videos are posted on youtube by a blogger.

In a Vlog, the V-stands for Video as did B-in blog stand for the book. Vlogging creates and makes way for videos to be created and uploaded on the internet constantly. It was seen that it hasn’t been long that Nigerians took interest in the Vlogging type of E-business. So to say, Vlogging in Nigeria is as old as a hundred of years from the time it was invented till date which we believe a minute number of people are interested in it since it was incepted till date. Furthermore, it is estimated that the level of income earned by a Vlogger is much larger than that earned by a Blogger as a result of the originality of the contents and quality of the video contents. Vlogging is believed to be of more standard than blogging because normally, you cannot get to reproduce another vloggers video and upload in your own Vlog. It must always call for you uploading your own created files and seek new audience who likes your own product and generate leads and views.

The majority of people ask how do vloggers earn money in Nigeria. It is simple and easy how vloggers earn money. Vloggers earn money by placing youtube Adsense on their videos and earn as views are generated on the videos. Crazeclown, mark angel, Manbigi and several others are vloggers who have made headway and profits vlogging but still, we have a host of other bloggers who has never made half of what these above-mentioned vloggers made even in ten years of blogging.

Sincerely, vlogging fetches more revenue than blogging owing to its original content and uniqueness of articles. If you have ever wanted to come into the world of E-business, choose Vlogging and make your work all round different from what others knew.

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