Buying traffic online? Then you really need to know this as a Newbie and as a Pro Blogger


Never conclude that buying traffic online doesn’t convert well on your Adsense without reading this guide

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Sometimes blogging gets boring and dry and we wish we never started it anyways, this is basically caused by the flatness of traffic experienced by majority of bloggers so to say. We basically talk of search engine traffic to websites but this is in truth now always going to come into thousands daily. This is because you’re not the only one on the internet who has good things to offer or a wonderful article to share with readers, there are several others out there who have more better things to share than you do.

This particular situation of traffic have now called for buying traffic online from sources which are not detrimental to google Adsense (for websites running google Adsense programme). Buying or sourcing traffic online could in other words be explained as running ads on other high end websites so as to increase your post reach and increase audience which in other words the same as traffic increase. Since we all know that search engine traffic have the highest conversion rate on google Adsense ads showing live on websites but if we are being truthful enough, we would know that not even a thousand of our daily traffic comes from search engine rather they take from social medias and other advertising platforms that a blogger uses.

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Then having said the above, let’s not forget why we are really here.

If you happen to be among those who buy website traffic online, then there is something I see very important that you should know to avoid wrong usage.

NB: paid traffic is the same as human traffic when gotten from the right source, visitors click on ads if they want to do so, therefore leaving the paid traffic to convert basically through CPM(cost per mile).

Recently I started using online traffic for two long months and I never received any much clicks from the thousands of traffic coming into my website daily. We took the analysis for a long time and observed that traffic from online sources nomatter how legit or conformal it may seem to be with Adsense, it has a very very low conversion rate on ads clicks but you can only monetize the traffic from such sources through its CPM (cost per mile).

Considering the time elapsed as we took on this experiment, we started with 10,000 visitors daily but we were able to make only 20 clicks daily from the traffic but my CPM was $1.00. With this I was able to make close to $15-17 daily considering my CPC as $0.15-0.35 (as we know CPC changes with time it never stays steady). I continued like this for quite a long time before I was able to start making handsome income with Adsense.

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Wrap up

I wouldn’t say this is what we do not know but I believe that some bloggers do not know about the conversion rate of paid traffic on ads clicks. Some bloggers believe that almost a thousand views will yield almost 300 ad clicks but this is not true because visitors should be allowed to click on ads out of genuine interest on the specified ads.

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    1. Kenneth Nnoli says

      Nice having you here

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