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Several Nigerian websites are basically talking about several different things which do not have a particular linkage to themselves e.g you see an entertainment website writing about technology too; see From this domain name we could deduce that the website is supposed to be in the religious niche, but alas it writes in news, celebrity news, politics, technology and reviews. This is the reason we decided to write this article so we could put bloggers in the right direction.

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If you read the above topic very well you could understand that it is a very versatile topic to talk about and a very difficult one as well. Well, single category blogging and multiple category blogging are the two distinct patterns of blogging which almost every blogger fall into either you accept the fact or not you are in either of the two categories. Let’s take a cool example here and say, considering you own a automobile website and update articles relating to automobiles only take an example as this is called single category blogging/website and a website that updates articles about different things which maybe related or even not related. A vivid example of such a website is

Now considering the level of exposure of such websites, it is understood that websites which rank better in search engine are websites which are concerned basically with single category blogging rather that multiple category blogging. I wouldn’t say that multiple category websites do not rank better on search results on search engines but I must make this clear, for a multiple category website to rank better on search engine it is required to constitute a long-tail keyword and lenghty posts. A single category website is more easier for search engines to index considering the fact that all the articles in them are somewhat connective to one another and this is one advantage it has over multiple category websites.

Let’s further talk about the preference between single category website and multiple category website as it concerns several bloggers and majorly the newbies.

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Single category website

This is a website that is based only on niche relevant topics and they have a linkage or relationship from one post to another. It can also be explained as a website that has contents which are enclosed in one umbrella of knowledge, say technology. A typical example of a website that runs a single category blog is, among others. A single category website is a kind of website often undertaken by bloggers who know exactly what they want to write about and can focus on delivering their best on it. The single category website offers several advantages to its owners which includes;

  1. Easy indexing by search engines.
  2. It is relatively easy for ads networks to approve a single category website than a multiple category website.
  3. It is easier to link back a post to another since the respective posts share mutual relationship.
  4. single categoty website increases visitors interest as they see highly related posts to read on.
  5. It explains originality and uniqueness better as bloggers express themselves fully because they write what they are best at.

Multiple category website

This is a website that is diversely focused. It is always a website based on multiple niche non-related articles which has no internal relationships among them; say a website like which writes about both religion, website traffic, blogging tutorials, reviews, political news, celebrity news. In the multiple category website, visitors are faced with the responsibility of manually looking for what they need to read since the articles are not related. On the other hand it offers several disadvantages which includes:;

  1. Non-easy indexing by search engine.
  2. Relatively difficult for ads network like google Adsense to approve such a website.
  3. It is difficult to link one post to another as they do not share mutual resemblance.
  4. It decreases visitors interest as they keep seeing irrelevant articles to read.
  5. It potrays non-originality and non-uniqueness of bloggers as blogging shold express our uniqueness. A blogger who blog about technology cannot have the knowledge about religion and entertainment writing.

Basically advised, it is better that existing bloggers and newbies should focus better on single category websites than creating a multiple category website considering the pros and cons listed above.

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