Two Detailed Steps on How To Backup Your WordPress Website in 2017


As a webmaster, I could assume that at a very good point you have lost your WordPress website or your WordPress password or all your WordPress write-ups (posts, categories, tags) and other valuables associated with your WordPress website. Even if you have never lost any of these above stated, or you do not intend to do so, help yourself with recalling one thing “you were never above mistakes”.

We have never seemed to ask ourselves this very crucial question “what if I lost my website tomorrow what will be my fate” I know this is not basically a question for blogger, Wix, and Joomla users including free WordPress users but this is a question which is directed to WordPress users (paid WordPress users). If you happened to lose your website and you are a paid WordPress user, then this is a simple issue to go about considering the fact that you are a paid WordPress user.

Yes there is a solution to this loss which lies in “backing up your WordPress website”

In this article, you will learn the different ways by which you can backup your website and this is extremely easier than you think it already is. Now you need to focus and read on as we unfold these mysteries behind WordPress backup.

Before we proceed, I believe you might want to know the reason why we take backing up your WordPress website very seriously.

But first, you might want to concern yourself with what backup means.

Backup simply means a copy of your website which you can reinstall anytime you want if anything should go wrong.

Let’s now look into the methods for backing up your WordPress website

Method 1: backup your WordPress through your hosting provider

The first step is to choose a WordPress hosting company that virtually completes full, daily backups for your WordPress website eg WP engine managed WordPress hosting offers automatic daily backups of all your basic and core WordPress files, plugins, themes and database which includes media (photos, videos).

You can also initiate your own backups at any point (before a major WordPress update or when changing themes).

If you also want to take your hosting provider managed backups to the next level, log in from time to time and download your own zip file copy to keep on your own hard drive.

You could never guarantee your own perfect safety.

Method 2: backup your WordPress website automatically with plugins

The WordPress platform offers several plugins that can come into great use when we talk about WordPress backup. Some of these plugins are vaultpress, backup buddy and host of others. Let’s begin with the backup buddy premium WordPress plugin.

. Backupbuddy premium WordPress plugin

A second premium WordPress backup plugin on our list today is the backup buddy by iThemes. This particular plugin can be used to create a full database and files backup, and/or move your website to another server easily.

Your website can be backed up to your hard disk and a variety of external storage devices including Amazon web services, Rackspace, email, FTP, Dropbox, and backup buddy stash among others.

Backupbuddy pricing starts from $80 per year for a single site license, although iThemes also offers a lifetime gold package at a one-time fee of $297 which offer unlimited use of the plugin making it fit for business.

. Duplicator free WordPress plugin

This plugin has recorded over 1 million active installs. This plugin offers a great hand in cloning or moving your website from one location to another easily. This main feature makes it powerful backup solution.

Considering it wouldn’t allow you to schedule your backups, it automatically dumps your database to an SQL file and saves it to ZIP archives along with your WordPress files. Then it creates a special PHP file that lets you reinstall the backup easily. Just upload the ZIP archive and the PHP file to your server and the rest is easy to work to take care of.

. Backup WordPress plugin free

This is a popular WordPress plugin that enables you to create a complete backup of your WordPress website, and save the same on an external location such as Dropbox, amazon s3, FTP Rackspace cloud and many many more.

You can schedule full backups that mean your files, entire WordPress site will be safe and always. You can also check and optimize your database, and if you happen to need more scent to it, then you can go for the pro version (paid version).

Other wordpress backup plugins are listed below:

  • . Updraftplus backup and restoration free wordpress plugin
  • . WordPress backup to dropbox free wordpress plugin
  • . Vaultpress premium backups by automatic

Wrap up

Maybe you will be inquisitive to know why we are so stern on wordpress backup but wonder what could be worse than loosing your website to some cheap meaningless happenings that you could have done something about. These detailed backup procedures will help anyone who wish to backup their wordpress websites do so without meeting any sticky ends.

Backup your website and be safe from harm because no one is above mistakes and your mistakes may one day lead you to loose your website.

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