6 Basic Bloggers Guide to Affiliate Marketing In 2018


With this detailed guides on affiliate marketing, we believe you could also meet You Goals With Promoting Other Persons Product

Speaking of affiliate marketing, we must strive to understand that this means for monetizing a website goes beyond what we do see with simple ads publishing eg google Adsense, yllix ads, revenuehits ads, propeller ads, media.net ads.

Although they display their items as any other ads network would display theirs and even sometimes, affiliate banners get more interesting to website visitors than Google Adsense or any other ads.

We would like to list some affiliate platforms a Nigerian blogger could patronize if he/she ever wanted to make money with affiliate marketing.

Some of the affiliates Nigerians can signup for are jumia affiliate, konga affiliate, yudala affiliate, web hosting plan affiliates eg speedyconnect affiliate, whogohost affiliate, garrantor affiliate (basically if you’re in technology or webmaster niche). Some people would choose Payoneer affiliate because they pay very well per signup and also they are always trending as the best means of receiving online payments worldwide.

The above affiliates were carefully handpicked to suite Nigerian bloggers, basically for those who have their traffic coming from Nigeria and also they have a high conversion rate for blogs using them before we wrote this article.

Let’s quickly dive into the reason we are here, which is basically to help online influencers reach their respective peak in the blogosphere.

Bloggers guide to affiliate marketing

  1. Consider your website niche and what your visitors want

This is hard to do the task I believe so. Yes because it is very very hard for a blogger to perfectly determine what his visitors want by just sharing articles with them.

NB: one of the best ways to know your visitors well is to build a forum and encourage comments on your articles.

Several bloggers in the entertainment and news niche ends up signing up for hosting affiliate, say whogohost affiliate and place their banner on his website and at the end he wants to drive sales and conversions from it, alternatively you could see a tech niche website having konga affiliate banner displaying women dress, that’s not a good idea to go with.

Your website niche should determine what and which affiliate you signup for and what affiliate banners shows up on your website. An entertainment website can display jumia, konga, shopify and yudala affiliate banners and a tech website can display hosting, tech gadgets and automobiles affiliate banners.

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Using this tip gears up conversion rates.

  1. Consider the volume of your traffic

Low level of web traffic does no good with the affiliate as everything and every action taken towards monetizing a website is directly dependent upon traffic and nothing more. When web traffic increases, there is enough possibility that your website will gain a better exposure to affiliate sales and better conversion rates.

  1. You must consider your traffic GEO

This is the most part bloggers fail to address. When your web traffic is basically from the USA, you cannot start displaying jumia, konga and yudala affiliate banners to them, try a bit something like amazon and shopify so that they could still buy from you.

When you have a website and display Nigerian owned affiliate goods to your USA visitors, you will end up earning nothing with your affiliate account.

The reverse isn’t the case in other GEO around the blogosphere. The simple rule is “display your affiliate banners to visitors who would want to see them and buy from your link”.

  1. Relationship with website visitors

If you were able to create a good relationship with your websites visitors, they will end up buying items from you if you ever had any affiliate banners on your website.

This is best efficient if you run a webmaster blog and review hosting plans, your visitors could buy from your affiliate links for a hosting you better reviewed.

NB: it is not proven anywhere that it is only those that have a website that can earn with affiliates. You can as well with promoting your affiliate link on social medias like Facebook, twitter, linkedln and others.

  1. Websites responsiveness

When you have a fast loading website and using a responsive affiliate banner, mobile visitors will find it much easy to navigate your website with ease and still see your affiliate banners perfectly and not just seeing them halfway and halfway they are not visible to them.

  1. Write reviews about products which you promote

Sometimes it is of a great advantage for a website to write a unique review about the product they are promoting and insert their affiliate link in the said product. This will do good by allowing the article readers to make a choice of signing up when they go through the said article and see the pros.

Wrap up

We believe that these guides are the basics when it comes to affiliate marketing. Several mistakes newbies make in affiliate marketing is as a result of issues of this nature which they couldn’t address properly. It is either that they are targeting the wrong visitors or that they are displaying their affiliate banners to irrelevant visitors.

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