Adsense Earnings: This Is Exactly Why Your Google Adsense Ads Don’t Get Clicked By Your Visitors


I suppose you’re still asking yourself the awkward question of Why are My Google Adsense ads not getting clicks from my website visitors.

If you’re still asking this question, then you’re not a blogger with purpose, that’s my own verdict.

Google Adsense may be the best ads network for you but it has several downsides which I do not know why several bloggers have decided to place a blind eye to this specific issue.

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Since we have talked about google Adsense severally and equally covering some detailed parts of Adsense, we hereby deem it fit to speak sometimes on some specific terms concerning Adsense of which our topic for discussion today will be “why your Adsense ads do not get clicked by your visitors”.

Adsense is not much of contextual ads as several people would see it as but this is what we do not seem to acknowledge.

  • I will be writing on the detail why your Adsense ads do not get clicked.

These are the reasons why your ads are not always getting a click.

Now let’s come from this point of view:

. Everyone knows about Adsense

Sometimes several people do misplace ads for images when the fore Adsense users started using Adsense but recently, everyone who sees google ads knows exactly what they are seeing on the website.

I take certain exception to people who have interest in what they are clicking as some ads really solved the problems certain users have with the specified ads they click.

If speaking of users with the specified interest of clicking on ads, then there can only be just a few of them out of every thousand of visitors.

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This is where the CTR comes in.

If your Adsense CTR is too high, it can be presumed that you direct the clicks from there or you caused those clicks yourself.

Most persons who come accross Adsense ads knows exactly what they are and what you might get if they happened to click on it so they just bypass it.

Equally several people suffer from banner blindness to ads.

. Banner blindness

It has been proven that text ads drive better clicks and attract higher CTR than the banner ads as the certain issue stated by chitika keyword ads is basically directed towards banner ads blindness.

It is highly seen in several websites that ads placed there are only and basically, banner ads either 300250, 250250 or 300*600 ads and these ads are only attracting lesser clicks as a result of banner blindness.

Use responsive link ads and equally text ads in your ad slot areas and feel the magic coming to your ads and your overall CTR will be increased.

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. Non-contextuality of ads

This is the point of focus.

I have heard several people saying google Adsense is a contextual ads network but this isn’t true.

Note: We will write a full review on this in our next article on Adsense ads contextuality.

Google Adsense image ads and text ads are not and never will be a contextual ad.

When we wish to speak about Google Adsense as contextual ads, we should concern ourselves with the RESPONSIVE LINK ADS as this is the only kind of ads offered by Google that synchronize website content and serve ads according to the content.

Several websites use the Google Adsense text and image ads and they never wished to know what contextual ads really mean.

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Well, this above simply means what contextual ads mean.

In a nutshell, it is only a website that applies the responsive link ads that can claim that Google Adsense is a contextual ads network.

. Same ads served over billions of websites everyday

Another crucial part of this is that the same ads are served on billions of websites every day.

Let’s assume I wanted to buy website hosting from Namecheap and I visited an authority domain eg and saw the ads there in Adsense ads if I happened to click and get the purchase initiated, if I happened to find the same ads on another website, I might not feel interested in it anymore.

This is one problem Google Adsense has and if it is fixed, we could experience as many clicks as we want to our ads.

Equally, you can block certain URLs from displaying their ads on your website using your Google Adsense panel.

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Wrap up

Google Adsense is a top ads network but they still have several flaws that seem to be covered by their good side that we find it hard to explore and see.

If you’re a Google Adsense publisher and you’re well paid I wouldn’t ask you to stop because of my review they are worth giving a trial.

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So far you don’t break the rules.

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