Afrione 2-in-1 Tablet (The Local Android Phone Review)


Nigerian technology will never cease to amaze me these days. Recently I stumbled upon a tablet phone named Afrione 2-in-1 , wait why is it 2-in-1? Well I guess that’s because it is a laptop as well as a tablet. This specific phone has wonderful features of which I know every user that stumbles upon it will be highly impressed I can vouch for that.

Specifically, it was designated to buy for N power. We could look into what makes this mobile device to stand out for N power. I know you may be considering a lot of options already and still trying to decide which to go for before you stumbled on this review, maybe you want to go further with reading so you’d be so sure what you’re up to buy. If that’s the case then we’ve got you covered; read on and you’ll be convienced beyond doubts.

Considering maybe you’re looking for an ideal/perfect tablet/laptop to be your partner, you may consider choosing the made-in-Nigeria-for-Nigerians Afrione that guarantees you better and faster after sale service. If I am to be correct, The Afrione doesn’t have its eyes only on selling of their product but also in contributing to the growth and development of the countrys economy by empowering the ready youths with skill sets.

Some of the specific features that drives the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet your sure deal partner for N power compared to other tablets available for the N power programme, like Samsung Galaxy Tab E among other tablets are fully elaborated below for clearer vision and understanding.

The design

The Afrione as we said earlier serves its users with conforming features of which the design is the first to attract any potential user. The Afrione 2-in-1 comes in with a refreshing change from the common and increasingly boring, all-metal design of usual tablet PC’s as it is embodied with magnetic detachable keyboard attached that gives it a dual serving purpose as either a laptop or a tablet. The Samsung galaxy Tab E on the other hand comes without a keyboard accessory (I.e only a tablet phone), which keeps to maintain the traditional design. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E can be compared with the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet on basis of their respective features.

The screen size

The Afrione 2-in-1 tablet has a 10.1-inch HD IPS display and it is a solid and sharp screen which offers crisp visuals, good clarity and high end colors. The 9.6-inch display on the Samsung Galaxt Tab E, fails to match the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet in both size and display density. More screen means more area to work with and the Samsung Galaxy Tab E comes with a few inches short in this respect.

The Memory

considering that the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet is powered by a quadcore processor with 2GB of RAM, it makes a better entry than the Samsung Galaxy Tab E which comes with a 1.5GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity is also an add mark to the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet as is comes with an in-built of 32GB over the Samsung Galaxy Tab E’s 8GB/16GB storage capacity.

The Battery Capacity

This is just a wow, the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet comes with a battery of capacity 6600mAh and offers approximately a time of 30hours upon typical use, which is considered 225% longer than any other tablets battery life. Tablets generally have a bettery life of 8 hours but varriably, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E offers 25hours on active use which is a bit comparable to the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet/laptop device.

General Specification and Comparison

Against the full specifications of other brand models in the same category, the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet comes out of its class.

Wrap Up

In the overall performance, the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet gives any other tablet in its category a run for the money, with no specific lags in performance and also in multitasking, and running apps or navigating across the UI, bigger memory and storage, longer battery life and wider display angles as its wider display angles as its premium features and detachable magnetic keyboard makes the Afrione 2-in-1 tablet the best value for money “mid-range” mobile devices for N power compared to other brand models. They also have their collection centers in all the 36 states in any case you seem to be interested to grab one.

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