Speedyconnect hosting, a detailed Remark on the Nigerian Host.


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Hosting a website with a local host is one of the last ideas bloggers ever consider worth taking as a chance. Using a local host for a website is more considerably an insult to some high profiled bloggers who relate their blogging ordeal with their friends and fellow bloggers. Instead of a local host, majority of bloggers do consider using foreign hosting companies like Namecheap, Siteground, Hostgator and a host of several others, neglecting their own countrys host for some non-meaningful reasons which are reasonable enough to them. Truth it is that in our previous writeup about a local host “philmore host” we shared our detailed negative review of them but that notwithstanding doesn’t mean every local host have the same issue with their services.

Read more: my philmore host negative review.

We have decided to bring to the view of the entire public our detailed review of speedy connect, how it works and their different hosting plans and types. Let me quote a fellow guru here when he said;

“I shall never employ the services of a local host because I fear the harm they may cost my website in Alexa ratings and SEO” said by Admin @ 3ptechies.com

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Speedyconnect hosting

It is strictly being said here @ blogincomes concerning promoting the services we do not use but here it refers to a fellow contributor as he have explored with the speedyconnect hosting and we are just about to share his experience using the Nigerian host.

My experience using speedyconnect

Speedyconnect have been one of the Nigerian hosting providers I decided not to use because of the poor reviews shared by a fellow blogger here @blogincomes.com specifically termed my 100% negative experience using philmore host. Sequel to this review shared here I decided not to patronize any of the local hosts and just stay calm with namecheap which I happened to be using for the mean time. Months later I read the review about the philmore host, I opened a new blog with URL benedictsblog.com and decided to try out the local host but this time I decided to make a different choice from the review shared. I used the speedyconnect hosting provider to buy my domain name and also my hosting plan for a year (annual hosting) specifically we have a lower cost for hosting using the Nigerian host which is comparably lower compared to foreign hosts take for example siteground host.

according to the review I read here, the Nigerian hosting companies offer poor services which is one of the fears I served myself but on commencing my usage of the hosting they really served well and also my website was fast in loading which seemed to be compared with every of the foreign host services.

At first I could affirm that this normally happens in nigerian commerece type where you get well served for the first time you moved in with the business but you get poorly served as time goes by but this case was different. I practically used this hosting plan for four months and I was thinking of the time to intercept the bad side of the hosting plan but it wasn’t forthcoming till it was up to a year and they still served me better than how they did from before (when I registered).

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Currently, my website benedictsblog.com have been on the hosting plan for over a year and it is still loading faster than Kabsedo.com and Naijastandard.com which were two of my other websites which are hosted on foreign hosts.

Benefits of using a nigerian hosting provider other than foreign host.

  1. Faster loading website
  2. Cheaper hosting plan fee
  3. Local servers serves best knowing what you wanted as a nigerian.
  4. Affordable hosting for the non deep pocketed ones.
  5. Monthly payments is allowed which is never always possible in foreign hosting providers.

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