What You Must Know if You Wished To Be a Full-time blogger


This is a question every blogger ask themselves as a beginner and as a professional blogger.

Can I really be a full-time blogger?

Let’s bring you to an understanding here; when we say a full-time blogger we mean.,

NB: several pro bloggers still do not take blogging as their full-time job.

A person who dedicates almost 15 hours daily to his website. Your website becomes your shop outlet and it also becomes your job that you go to and come back every day as do you if you owned a shop somewhere around the city.

A Full-time blogger dedicates his time and efforts to his website and the articles he writes and as well he takes his website optimizations to the next level.

Notably, we could say that full-time bloggers are online influencers who could offer 24/7 customer support via his website.

I could recommend only four full time bloggers as I know, Obasi Miracle (Admin @3ptechies.com), Harsh Kumar Agrawal (Admin @shoutmeloud.com), Samuel Ebuka Odamah (Admin @Dopitechies.com).

NB: these names were not exceptionally the names of the full time bloggers in the world but they are selectively people I have worked with.

I recalled Harsh Agrawal saying; my website is my only source of bread and butter and this is exactly why he never took what he does or writes as a joke.

Now, having stated all these, it still come down to the actual question of can I be a full-time blogger? I believe that this specific question of bloggers can be handled here @blogincomes.com.ng and we can as well offer a lasting strategy to being a full-time blogger and never have to worry about lacking traffic and your websites SEO going down, as you know many websites were pushed out of google first and second page results as a result of other websites coming into their relevant search term.

Can I be a full-time blogger?

This is the big question isn’t it?

There are several answers to this specific question and it all depends on what you want to see it as.

Yes you can be a full-time blogger and also no you cannot be a full time blogger.

It all boil down to two things which are;

  • . Your traffic
  • . Your daily income

Let us further elaborate these two stepping stones to being a full-time blogger;

. Your traffic

Speaking of traffic, every website monetization tool is directly proportional to the said websites traffic per day as it is being stated and accepted generally by bloggers “traffic is the lifewire of a website”.

When you monetize your website with affiliate marketing, google Adsense, selling of E-book, direct advertising and also other ads networks, traffic plays a vital role in this as it helps websites reach potential customers and boost sales.

When you monetize your website with CPM ads, it is needed that you must serve your website a high traffic so as to make enough from it.

When you have a sizeable traffic, it is assumed that you could be a full-time blogger considering that your traffic daily could fetch you a handsome earning online wither with google Adsense or other monetization tool.

. Your daily income/revenue

When a website you own is able to bring in a handsome revenue to you daily, then you could consider this a first step to making a living with your blog and this warrants you can be a full-time blogger.

Let us take for instance you’re a blogger who earns $5 daily, you could be making $150 monthly. It is considered a revenue to make a living with if you’re a newbie.

Also, note that several people whom have¬† blogged for long are not making $5 daily. I practically know a person who doesn’t make $5 daily upon blogging for years.

If your daily income is $5 and above, you are good to start your road as a full-time blogger.

Upon deciding your fate to leave your job or school and become a full-time blogger, there are still certain things you must put to check and place in order before you can go ahead with your decision to become a full-time blogger.

As we have explained earlier, blogging goes well directly with a good traffic so to make blogging your full-time job, you must first deal with traffic very very well and be sure you have a good traffic coming from a tier A country like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy etc.

Let us quickly disclose what you must avoid if you want to become a full-time blogger.

  • . Do not focus on search engine traffic alone
  • . Do not focus on social media promotion alone
  • . Do not focus on buying web traffic online alone
  • . Do not base your income through a single source eg google Adsense or affiliate marketing
  • . Do not joke with Google SERPS
  • . Do not leave website optimization aside
  • . Never source traffic from social medias or forums like Nairaland (incase you’re in Nigeria)
  • . Do not waste your money on adverts
  • . Do not copy other blogs, try and be original
  • . Keep and interact with your visitors

Wrap up

If you really wish to make money with blogging and make it your full-time job, follow these due steps above and you will not have anything to blame yourself for.

Always note with us that every article we publish here is published after due review and practicals. We believe you could make blogging your career if you heeded our words.

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