Why Nigerian Beginner Bloggers Fail (Basic Possible Reasons Why You Fail In Blogging)


It isn’t a must say story everyday about the increasing number of failed bloggers in the blogosphere. Several proplr fail in the said business because of thousands of reasons which we all know their failure points.

Given that bloggers fail in the blogosphere out of a thousand reasons doesn’t warrant we could discuss the thousand reasons in this article.

Just so you know that given that a thousand reasons surround bloggers failure in the blogosphere we still know that there are the core reasons why the said bloggers fail and we are here in this article to explain the core reasons why bloggers fail.

Let’s dive in to why bloggers fail

. High expectations rather than building

Have you ever heard of bloggers who makes cents per month blogging? Well that isn’t a folktale story as it have happened to me per se.

This is a fact proven all round the blogosphere. Maybe you ventured into blogging just because a good friend of yours tells you how much he makes per month blogging. You see it as an avenue for getting rich quick but on venturing into the platform you may see otherwise and as a result you cannot cope with what you have seen.

This turn of events will bring your morale down and at the end of the day and you will eventually quit blogging.

. Being original is an issue to worry about

Several bloggers have never been able to maneuver their respective pitfalls as a result of reasons so simple that a child can conquer.

The question is, “why can’t you be original?”

Being original is one of the basic reasons why bloggers fail. We have what we know how to do basically. Several good bloggers strive to copy other bloggers leaving behind their true self and what they know how to do best.

Speaking of being original, it is a good thing that you understand what we actually mean here, if you’re good at photography, fashion, webmaster or writing articles suitable for publication, why not strive to be on top of the niche and be as original as you could?

Yet several people will go ahead and start copying maybe your idol or your friend who excels in entertainment niche.

. You do not go for passion but you go for trend

This is the majority of the issues we have with local bloggers. Local bloggers tend to follow the trends for the time being and forget that the basics of blogging goes with passion.

“check out the successful bloggers in the globe, they went for their passion not trend”

We could understand that Nigeria is filled with entertainment trends these days and several bloggees who could account for 78% of local bloggers are in entertainment niche but just 22% fall into other niche.

Going for trend while blogging is one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make while choosing their respective career.

. Blogging for Money more than to educate

Some blogs are geared to educate your readers and some others are geared towards providing useful information to the readers eg News and Entertainment websites.

When your first priority with your website is to make money other than to educate your readers and also pass your knowledge unto others you will have several pitfalls to dangle with as your journey to blogging elongates.

Blogging to make money alone is one of the problem several bloggers face while blogging.

“best advised, open a blog to teach rather than make money, you will end up making money at last”

. Lack of Seriousness with your website

This is also one of the reasons why several bloggers fail in their blogging career and if care isn’t taken, you could end up ending up like those who ended their blogs as a result of not being serious.

In other words, this is designed as a topic worth deeply discussing as it affects the whole blogosphere.

Sometimes people say I am not serious with my website but its not so. This is because I update my website once weekly but come to think of it, if I could bring 1000 visitors to my website and I update once weekly and have good interactions with my visitors I am Still serious with my website don’t you think?

Entertainment websites and news websites could need to update its readers with daily news and this is where everyday publishing comes in.

If you read this, then I suppose its time you moved up your blog to the next level and start being serious and optimize your website very very well. You could also ask fellow bloggers questions and you can then call yourself a serious blogger.

. You don’t interact with fellow webmasters

Yes you don’t interact with you fellow bloggers. I said this and I mean it.

Although we consider this a temporary reason bloggers fail but all the same, time it is still crucial you must adapt to interacting with your fellow bloggers.

There are several reasons why you must interact with your fellow bloggers;

. It makes you get noticed

. To keep you informed and updated

. You could get to know what’s happening around you

. Gets you more educated on important informations in your niche

. You could be helped by interacting with them

. You could be invited to guest blog and drive better traffic and conversions

Several forums could offer helping hands when it comes to solving particular blogging issues. Basically I learnt what to do to my banned domain name in Nairaland forum.

You could be a professional blogger but believe me you could earn better and learn better as you interact with your fellow professionals.

Recall that it is always being said;

“learning never ends”

Final words

I am writing to pass on why several bloggers fail in the blogosphere and the ways you can also avoid these failures. As you embrace our article and carryout the said strategies to solve the issues you may have blogging. Believe me when I say that I never started making money from my website until I started using these proven strategies to make a blog work out for you.

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