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In our previous article, we explained how to find out if a website is banned from showing google Adsense ads and we mentioned using a website to complete the process but we found out just recently that the website have been malfunctioning lately. Few days back I decided to recheck my website to know that status of google Adsense on the website, to my greatest surprise my website is said to be banned from google Adsense programme by considering I still have Adsense ads showing on my website.

Check is your website is banned from google Adsense programme using

With immediate effect I decided to try out other websites that I visit regularly, I entered,,,,, and and they were all banned from Adsense programme but they still had Adsense ads running on them.

See screenshots below:

We do not know exactly what this issue is all about or where it is coming from but it really need to be adressed fast so publishers will not make grevious mistakes by judging their websites negatively because of the results received from

Final words

Having written an article that concerns before we hereby write this to address every website owner who makes use of isbanned not to mind the new mishap with the website currently.

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