how to backup wordpress database
wordpress database

how to backup wordpress database

How to backup your wordpress database


WordPress is the best blogging platform for all successful bloggers. WordPress constantly upgrade to higher version. And when they upgrades to a new version, all wordpress users should update their wp blog to avoid some misbehavior.

But before you update your wordpress blog to any new version, you must backup your database so that you will not loose any information in your blog. Not only that, you should also backup your database in case something goes wrong with your blog.


In this post, I will show you how you can backup your wordpress database easily without encountering any errors.


How you can backup your wp database without encountering any errors.


Now, let us see how to backup wordpress database without encountering any errors.


Firstly, you need to login to your control panel, when you login to your control panel,


head over to the database section


Click on PhpMyAdmin



This will launch phpMyAdmin window. You should make sure that your WordPress database is selected inside phpMyAdmin. If it isn’t, then click on your WordPress database name to select it. You will be able to see the list of WordPress database tables when it is selected.


Once your database is selected, what you will do is to click on the export link from the top menu bar


phpMyAdmin Export Button



They will now ask you to select the export method of your choice, here, you will select custom.


phpMyAdmin Export Method


Clicking on custom will reveal more options. First it will show all your tables in your WordPress database as selected.


phpMyAdmin Custom Export


Scroll down to the output section. Select ‘Save output to a file’ option. For compression you need to select zipped or gzipped option.


Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the GO button.


You will now receive the database export as zip or gzip file to be downloaded to your computer.


You have finally done it. You now have the backup of your wordpress database. You can easily restore it in case something go wrong with your blog.


Final words

It is always advised to take a backup of your wordpress database when ever you want to update your wordpress to any new version.

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