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  • We just started to offer the following services

Cheap WordPress website creation


We are creating a very cheap WordPress website for anyone who would like to have a website at a very giveaway price. We will provide you with a very good web hosting company which is a stand-alone host as you might call it or a self-managed host and a domain name soothing your exact need.

We will equally take care of the web designing with our best and Fastest Google Adsense and website speed optimized theme.

Full SEO setup for your website and also a full description of your website to sooth search rankings as many factors do affect SEO results.

This is for a token fee of #12,000

Google Adsense earning secrets

I know every blogger needs to make a decent income through Google Adsense which is the largest publishing platform but this cannot happen without being on the right route.

We can give you the guides and secrets to make above $200 with Adsense monthly which is the least you can earn.

You need not be an Adsense professional or a blogging guru, you will just need to have some cash on you and BOOM, off you go with earning.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

USA Adsense verification

With our in-depth knowledge in Adsense program, we are now offering pin verification solution to USA Adsense users from every part of the world but basically, our services are mainly for Nigerians.

We charge a fixed price of #6,500 for Nigerians and $18 for non-nigerians.

Your pin will arrive in 2-3 weeks according to google Adsense specified time frame for USA Adsense verification.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

UK Adsense verification

With the same vein, we are equally offering UK Adsense verification for Nigerian and non-nigerian bloggers who are using UK Adsense at a very cheap rate compared to what others do offer.

This our service is basically for Nigerians but others can benefit from it as well.

We charge a flat rate of #5,000 for Nigerians and $15 for non-nigerians.

Your UK Adsense pin arrives in 2-5 days as a stated time for UK Adsense verification time frame.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

SEO services

We offer professional SEO services to bloggers who wish to give better exposure to their websites online and to get and target exactly their choice customers.

We charge a flat price of #5,000 for Nigerian bloggers and $15 for non-nigerian bloggers.

Free Search Engine Submission

This is quite affordable for SEO and it is strictly because we are looking to building our community and not directly about increasing the overall earnings.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

Paid traffic that makes you above $200 monthly

Here I think a trial will convince you.

After a long trial and error with paid traffic sources, we can now deduce that this very traffic source is worth trying.

We offer you a package that will pay you above $200 monthly without being an Adsense professional or a blogging guru.

This package only costs $120 to start up and recurring payment will be $100.

If you ever wished to manage your own traffic source, use this digit and make a direct contact to me 08167288616.

Sponsored posts

We offer sponsored post opportunity on our website with daily exposure of above 10,000 daily unique visitors to your post and assuring you it will be on the top of our website till the time paid for elapses.

Paid writing

Due to our professional writing skill, we have decided to give writing a chance and conduct paid writing for websites.

We have written for several professional blogs eg, and several others and they testified to our writing skill.

We charge $5 for every 2,000 words written on your blog and it will be a keyword article.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

Web development

We have been in the blogosphere for over four years and we can proudly say that with our level of experience, we develop websites and build businesses at a negotiable price.

Use the contact number below for this purpose


Web traffic increase

We can directly increase your web traffic as a result of the tons of visitors we generate to our website daily.

You can buy a plan for #4,000 weekly for over 10k visitors.

Contact me using 08167288616 or

We shall still add up more when we expanded our reach in a better way but for now, these are what we do offer to our visitors.

Feel free to contact me on any of these services if you needed any.

I am always here for you.

Get in touch with me via the form below.

you can also contact me with my email:

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