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Do you know that commenting on other peoples blog will actually derive more traffic to your own blog.


Like I always tell you, getting traffic to your blog is a daily activities which you must do as a blogger.


Most bloggers find it very difficult to comment on other peoples blogs after reading their interesting articles. They always see it as a hard work.


I was speaking with a fellow blogger, he asked me how he can get more traffic to his blog,

I mentioned blog commenting.


Do you know what he said?

He told me that he do not like filling forms.


I laughed at him.


See let me tell you, nothing good comes easy, you must work hard to succeed no matter how difficult you may find it.


How will commenting on other peoples blog boost your own blog traffic?


  • You found a blog that receives more traffic than your own blog

  • You read an interesting post in the blog

  • You comment on the blog post that you read

  • Leave a link back to your own blog

  • Get traffic to your blog



Now, you already know the blogs that you always come across where you read interesting posts that helps you, you don’t just navigate away from the blog after reading a post from the blog, if you do, you just lost  targeted traffic to your blog.


In blog commenting, you take advantage of another persons blog traffic to get traffic to your own blog.


According to Harsh Agrawal, he said that Comments can further assist you in optimizing your blog for search engines and take your blog to the next level.


Blog commenting is one thing that is neglected by most bloggers, yet they go about asking how to get traffic to their blog whereas they know the easiest way to do that but they see it as hard work.


If we talk of search engine optimization, blog commenting plays a vital role.

Your comment is likely to appear in search results as a result of commenting on top blogs, that is any blog that is higher than your own blog.


But you must not leave a link to your blog in every comment you leave in other blogs, else it will become a spam.


One thing you should avoid while commenting on other blogs.


Leaving a comment like good article, or thank you for this post can never lead you anywhere.

You must make sure that you leave a well detailed comment of two to three sentences that is in line with the post you read.


Wrapping it up

Commenting on other blogs will surely give you more traffic to your blog. It is not every comment you posted will derive traffic to your blog, the only comment that will derive more traffic to your blog is detailed comments of two to three sentences.

It must be related to the post which you read, if not it might be considered as a spam comment.


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