Blog traffic is the most important thing every blogger should focus on. Your blog can never succeed without getting traffic.

Creating a blog is not what really matters. The thing that matters most is traffic. If you ever wish to make money online with your blog, you really need traffic to your blog. If you are selling your own products on your blog or if you are into affiliate marketing, your business can not give you good results without blog traffic.

In this post, I am going to tell you how you can get more traffic to your blog so that you can increase your earnings.


How to get targeted traffic to your blog


To get more traffic to your blog, there are some certain things which you must do. Below are the things you must do to get more traffic to your blog.


  • Submit your blog to search engines

Submitting your blog to search engines is the first thing you should do to get traffic to your blog. I have already said this in my previous post on how to optimize your blog for search engines.

When you submit your blog to search engines, it will help your blog to show up in search engines results page { serp } when ever people are searching the internet for articles related to your blog.


  • Create a sitemap for your blog

A sitemap is another thin you should create if you want to get more traffic to your blog. By creating a sitemap, you tell search engines how to index your site and to notify them when ever you add a new post or a new page. Creating a sitemap is very essential for your blog.


If you are a wordpress user, there is a plugin you can use to create a sitemap in just minutes. Just install google xml sitemaps plugin, activate the plugin and it will automatically create a sitemap for your blog.


If you have your blog on blogger, just notify me in the comment form, I will tell you how you can create a sitemap for your blogger blog.


  • Install an seo plugin

This is for wordpress users. For you to get more traffic to your blog, you need to install one of the seo plugin listed here.

For blogger users, add this seo script for blogger to your blogger template. Once you add the seo script to your blogger blog, it will help you to get more traffic to your blogger blog.


  • Write quality and original contents

Quality contents are good for your blog, you should always avoid copy and paste.

It is better to write original and quality contents than copying a content from another blog and paste in your own blog.


  • Shorten your post url

This is a proven method of getting more traffic to your blog. Always ensure that your post url is very simple for people to memorize and it should not be in long form.

Example of how your post url should be is


The url above is very simple for people to memorize and it also has a greater chance of showing on the first page of google.


  • Use relevant keywords in your post

While writing your posts, you should always put your important keywords in the first and and second paragraph of your posts. It helps to gain more traffic to your blog.


  • Write longer posts

Your posts should not be less than 300 words each. Posts with longer words are always seen by search engines as the most valuable contents that is why they always display it first.


  • Take advantage of the social media

Social media is another place to derive traffic from, millions of people are using the social networks every day and that gives you an opportunity to get more traffic from it.

You can create a facebook page and twitter profile and use it to derive traffic to your blog.


Building your email list

Building your email list is another way of generating more traffic to your blog.

As a blogger, you must collect the email address of your blog visitors so that you can always bring them back to your blog when ever you want.



Traffic is the livelihood of every blog. Your business blog can never grow without

blog traffic, therefore follow the tutorials above to get more traffic to your blog.





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