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Now that you have finished creating your wordpress blog, you need to install some plugins and themes to it so that it will have more features and good look.


What you will learn from this post

  • How to install wordpress plugins
  • How to install wordpress themes


Every new worpress blog comes with a default theme which you can start making use of right away, but if you do not like the default theme, don’t worry, I am going to show you how you can install wordpress themes.


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Before we start, let us look at what wordpress themes and plugins are.


What is a wordpress theme?

A wordpress theme is a template designed to give a wordpress blog very awesome design and look.


What is a wordpress plugin?

A wordpress plugin is a software containing variety of functions that can be installed to a wordpress blog. WordPress plugins extend functionality or add new features to your wordpress blog.


Now that you have known what wordpress plugins and themes are, let us now see how to install them to your blog.


How to install wordpress plugins


To install a wordpress plugin, follow the steps below


  • Login to your wordpress admin area { your dashboard}


  • From the menu at the left side of your dashboard, select plugins


  • Click add new plugin


  • In the new window that opens up, you will see list of plugins to select from. For easier access, type the name of the plugin you want to install in the search box provided, you will see the plugin from the results of the search


  • Click install to install the plugin


  • Click activate to activate the plugin


There is another alternative method to do this, see it below


  • Search and download the plugin
  • Follow the first and second step above in the first method
  • Upload the plugin
  • Then activate it

That is all about installing a wordpress plugin


Now, let us look at how to install wordpress themes


To install a wordpress theme, follow the steps below


  • Login to your dashboard
  • From the menu at the left hand side of your dashboard, select Appearance
  • Click on themes
  • Click the add new
  • Search for the name of the theme you want to install
  • When you find the theme, click  to install the theme
  • Click activate to activate the theme.


Final words

Follow the steps above to install your wordpress themes and wordpress plugins.







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