What you should know about a low payment threshold ads network

Dan Demeglio, race and sports book supervisor, cashes a 200-to-1 future bet for Doug O'Neill, trainer of Kentucky Derby winner "I'll Have Another", at the Primm Valley Casino in Primm, Nevada June 25, 2012. O'Neill won $20,000 for his $100 bet, which he made in February, that the horse would win the Kentucky Derby. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT HORSE RACING) - RTR345CF

Generally, ads serving on websites by ads networks are distinguished into two believe it or not. The two distinct groups of ads serving ads networks are the high payment threshold ads networks and the low payment threshold ads networks. Speaking of the high payment threshold ads networks we refer to google Adsense, media.net, amazon ads and a host of several others. The low payment threshold ads network ranges from revenuehits, chitika ads, yillix.com and all local (Nigerian) ads networks. Using a low payment threshold ads network is not a very bad idea but there are some things you really should know when using a low payment threshold ads network so as to make a better user.

Below are the basic knowledge of low payment threshold ads networks.

Non-user engaging ads: normally, all low payment threshold ads networks mentioned above do not serve user engaging ads instead they only serve random ads that doesn’t captivate the minds of viewers and as such does not guarantee user clicks on those ads displayed and revenue of publishers will be stagnant. Speaking of non-user engaging ads, I have experimented with various ads networks and I have arrived at the same result in the course of my experimentation with everyone of the ads networks. Here is the shortlist of the ads networks;








Non-contextual ads: serving non-contextual ads on websites reduces the valuable clicks from visitors especially while using a CPC ads network to monetize. Let me quote a fellow blogger here “545 pageviews and one click” that’s coming to a non-contextual based ads network. If you could imagine a publisher with 545 website visits and one click it means he has to make close to 1600 page views for two clicks. This is considerably a no-happening with a contextual ads network like media.net and google Adsense.

Could never reach payment threshold earlier: this is the last but not really the least. Using a low payment threshold ads network and facing the above mentioned criterion, it would be as good as impossible to make it to your withdrawal limit as it is proven to be very very difficult getting to that height of your withdrawal. Bloggers who see these list of Adsense alternatives should really go for media.net and be on a safer side so as to earn via CPC and CPM.

Final words

Using a low payment threshold ads network for bloggers is good considering the type of website you run. If you really have at the back of your mind making money blogging, then I suggest you try and be more original so as to get into the best ads networks like media.net and google Adsense.

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