Secrete revealed- How to make money with your blog in 2017

make money in 2017

Learn how to make real money blogging in 2017

Today’s post will be very interesting. I know that you have been struggling to make money with your blog. That is exactly why you are blogging, to make money with your blog.

I have received series of emails from people asking me how they can be able to make money through blogging.


Today, I am going to teach you all you need to know about making money with your blog.

One thing I will like you to know is that blogging is not a money making machine, I always tell you this. For you to make money with your blog, you must have something to offer or you must have services to render to people in order for you to make money with your blog.


I will teach you how to make use of your talents to make money with your blog. I will tell you all the simple ways you can make money through your blog, but I will specify more on my own strategy which will surely work for you even if you don’t have anything to offer.


Most people get tired of blogging just because they are not making any money with their blog. The reason why they do not make money with their blog is just because they were not given the right step to follow for them to make money with their blog.


Let me tell you, if you can read and write, and have a basic knowledge of the internet, you are qualified to make money online through your blog. But the only thing you need is to show you the right way and give you the right information which you need to succeed.


Before we start with our our main topic, I want to first tell you why you do not make money with your blog.

Why is it that you do not make money with your blog?


There are many reasons why you do not and can never make money online with your your blog, but because of time, I will tell you the most important ones.

You do not make money with your blog because


  • No body gave you the right way to follow


  • You keep jumping from one online business to the other. That is to say that you do not stick to a particular business, you will like to try all the online business you hear about


  • You do not take actions and try a different thing when you see the opportunity that is sure to give you what you need to succeed.


  • You do not have time for your blog


All these I mentioned above are the most reasons why you do not make money from your blog.


How can you succeed in two or three businesses where by you have not set a strong base for any one. Answer this question by your self.


What do you need to make money with your blog?


To make money with your blog, there are certain things you need to have which are


Time, patience, hard work and foresight.


Now let us see how to make money with your blog.

How to make money with your blog in 2017

There are many ways which money is being made through a blog, but here, I will show you the best methods that works even if you are starting up.

The first is

1} Selling information products through your blog


This is the best way to make money online through your blog. This is the best method that will work for you even if you are just starting up your blog. Selling information products online is the method that works for me and I have trained many people in the business, which they found very easy to do.

Information marketing is the process of selling digital products online such as eBooks and software’s.

With just one eBook, you can make thousands of Naira. That means that you can sell it to millions of people and still have the copy to sell it the more to more people.


Information marketing is the best online business which I found very easy to start and the most interesting part of it is that you can start it with no capital.

If you are new to blogging or you are already a blogger but you do not make money with your blog, information marketing is the best option to start. You can even stick to it as your only stream of online income.


Why must you start information marketing business?


Information marketing is an online business you can never do without, the reasons why you must start an information marketing business are


  • You start with no capital


  • You will make more money with only one ebook


  • You will do it right from the comfort of your home


  • No qualification is required before starting the business


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But the only truth about information marketing business is that you can not start it your self without the help of someone who has been in the business.

You don’t have to worry about anything, Through my experience in the business, I have created a guide that will guide you through all the process of starting the information marketing business. In the guide, I explained  everything for you in simple language and I even used screen shots to illustrate all the process for easy understanding.


I know that you are ready to start immediately.

Download the information marketing guide from here

Learn all the steps involved in starting the business.


You can still download it directly from our shop



The second way you can make money online through your blog is

Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is the second to information marketing business, you can make lot of money promoting and selling another person’s products and in return, you will be awarded a commission for your sales.


Bloggers monetize their blog through affiliate marketing and  are making money from it.


Why should you start affiliate marketing?


Like I said, affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize your blog and make money with your blog. There are reasons why you should start affiliate marketing which include


  • You dont need to have your own product to sell


  • You will make more money promoting and selling another person’s products.


  • The more sales you make, the more money you make



Before you can join any affiliate program, I suggest you join the most trusted ones I will recommend to you.

To join any affiliate marketing, these are the best affiliate marketing you can join and start making money online.




Making money online is very interesting, do not be left out, take part in one of these I mentioned above and start making money online with your blog.

Are you new to blogging?. you are lucky to see this post now, you can bookmark this page for easy reference.


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