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What does blogging really mean?

This is a question most people ask. I keep on getting this kind of question from people almost all the time.

In this post, I am going to tell you all you need to know about blogging.

Let me first ask you this.

Do you use the internet to search for things that really matter to you?

Your answer must be yes.

Then, when ever you search for things that matter to you on the internet, you must land on a page that will give you what you need, right;

That page you landed is called a blog.

Now back to our topic.

What does blogging really mean?

Blogging is mostly the process of writing or sharing your experiences to people so that they can get solution to their problems and in the same time make money with your blog.

There are two main reasons people engage in blogging, you can see the reasons below.

Blogging for passion

As you can see from the name, most people have the intention of blogging just to help other people get the solution to their problems in their blog. They take blogging as what they love doing and by doing that, they are happy for helping others.

Blogging for business

As you can see from the name, people engage in blogging for the sole interest of making money online.

In the world today, 80% of bloggers started blogging just to make money with their blogs, which I am one of.

I do not blog because I love it, but I take it as a business.

Now, from the explanation above, you now know what blogging is all about, and this will help you to know your intention of blogging.


Blogging is the process of writing about your experiences for people to know and at the same time make money with your blog. So go on to start blogging right away.

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