How oDesk Freelancers Can Receive Payments Using Payoneer

My writing this article is to show Payoneer account holders and freelancers of oDesk in Bangladesh and Philippines can receive their Payoneer payments in their local bank accounts using Payoneer MasterCard.

First things first, let’s look at how to apply for Payoneer MasterCard

Considering that Payoneer is one of the fastest ways to receive money online in the whole wide world, you will still be asked to create an account with them so to get your payments as fast as possible from oDesk.

Steps to open a Payoneer account

  • . Login to your oDesk account
  • . Go to wallet
  • . Go to payment methods
  • . Go to withdrawals
  • . See the first one says Payoneer debit card?
  • . Then click on the signup butting under the action column

This will now navigate you to a special page in Payoneer and you can fill in your details and create an account.

To successfully create a Payoneer account, you must have either of these;

  • . National Identity card
  • . Driving license
  • . International passport

If you do not seem to have any of these required proofs of citizenship, then you could use your parent’s valid identity card. This is considered an easy process.

After this is done, Payoneer will send you a MasterCard within 10-20 days.

That’s cool, right?

From then on you can forward funds from your oDesk account to your Payoneer account and use the Payoneer master card in any local ATM booths (who accepts MasterCard) to withdraw cash in your currency.

Take note of these incurred charges if you’re using Payoneer

  • . Monthly card account maintenance is $3 ($1 if there are 2+ transactions per month)
  • . Per withdrawal from ATM costs $2.15
  • . Declined ATM withdrawal $0.90
  • . Balance inquiry using ATM booth $0.90
  • . Card replacement $12.95
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Note: online or offline purchase with the card is absolutely free.

Wrap up

Payoneer is a very convenient way to receive money from all around the world. You can also use that card to purchase from shops and make online payments.

Payoneer is easier to use than it seems.

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