Does It Really Matter In Your Business (Wrong And Right Domain Names To Choose)


I have seen several websites having a domain name which clearly suggests quite opposite of what they are writing about in their said websites and I ask myself “Is it that domain names matching your businesses are all taken by other online influence’s?”.

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Need I still remind you that blogging is past what it was in the yester-years and you cannot take it back to what it was before.

I know several websites in this blogging tutorial niche have always tried writing how to become a blogger and I am equally quite sure that they have mentioned that you should choose what you can do.

I never had to fathom the fact that after going through several blogs to learn how to be a blogger, you will finally choose your own parent’s given name as your website domain name.

No, I think you just woke up and saw a working credit card in your hands and decided to make a stupid decision from whogohost or Namecheap, after all they offer cheap domain names.

Today we shall be writing about the name you wished your business to be known with.

The domain name of every business is the first approach to let people know exactly what you’re about to offer and this sometimes goes a very long way to affect your business negatively or positively depending on how you approach it.

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I recalled the first time I started researching the internet to know more about blogging, I usually visited, but whenever I come across I usually back off because I never knew what its content was, notwithstanding they have good articles written in their website.

This is as a result of a simple reason:

“I didn’t see the domain name as a domain name that could match my search and also a domain name that could contain what I wanted to know”.

This was the reason we decided to write on this today to explain in details how your domain name can affect your business.

What effect can your domain name have on your website

It is a surface fact that several bloggers who started out first and created a brand for themselves do not understand the basic idea of a domain name coupled with the fact that they think a domain name should come as a result of what you think or fancy most.

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No, that wasn’t the idea.

Looking at,,,,, and host of several other old domains in the blogosphere, we see that they just did all these as a result of the way blogging sounded to them.

Not making an assertion here and no offense I did mention their domain names but I am simply driving at a point.

Several people who go ahead to purchase the domain names that have the same or almost the same resemblance with the above-stated domain names in the recent times must be far from what the new era holds.

Let’s imagine some domain names I have seen and their respective niches.

  • . (writing on tech niche)
  • . (writing on entertainment niche)
  • . (writing on make money online niche)
  • . (writing on entertainment niche)
  • . (writing on entertainment niche)

Credit: Google search

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These are the little list of websites I know that do not write what their domain names suggested.

That being said, let’s move into the negative and the positive effect of using a standard real-time domain name for your business eg:

  • (writing on tech niche)
  • (writing on blogging tips and make money online tips niche)
  • (writing on make money niche)
  • (writing on make money online niche as well).

Let’s start with analyzing the negative effects

Negative effects of using a non-conforming domain name for your business

. You get seen as a non-professional

Yes, this is true.

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If you were a professional in the blogosphere, you’d know what your domain name should have looked like and not picking up some silly domain names that cannot, in a nutshell, explain what your business is about.

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To those using their names for domain name registration recently, “we are not in a child dedication ceremony you’d be reminded”.

. You loose customers

If I particularly was searching seriously online and came across a website with the title and meta tags not conforming with the domain name I see there I will not come in.

So it is for several other search engine users and this will elude you the potential of meeting new customers online.

Hey! It’s in your hands to stop it whether you agree or not as you choose your domain name yourself.

. Online advertisers will not look your way

Imagine when a new tech company is looking for a new website to partner with and your tech website is having the domain name:

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Would they still come on and advertise?

A colleague of mine who started his first website have done a giveaway which ended weeks ago for coolmuster android software developers a tech company and he took in the proceeds.

This is because his domain name met what he was writing.

. Your online advertisement might not work for you

If you might want to know, running online ads for awareness is good but most times the success of it all depends on your caption.

You cannot be telling your visitors to click on your link to see the 20 enterpreneurs attributes to fetch him money in 2018 and your domain name caption said

It will never or will drive lesser conversion.

What if this keyword is seen on a website with domain name:, don’t you think its conversion will be high?

I am still writing.

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. You loose search traffic

Just in the same way on the two explanations above, your keyword may get a million views from search and you might Appear in the first page but you’ll never get any visitor.

This is because your website domain name caption is too poor.

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Hence, you see why you appear on search terms with no traffic or little traffic?

. Only people who know you visits your website

You will always try to bug people to visit your website and always tell you their reviews as you cannot get fresh visitors to the website.

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. You continue explaining yourself to people.

. Search visitors of interest cross you by.

The negative sides of choosing the wrong and non-conformal domain name are too much but I just choose a few.

Why then wouldn’t you concern yourself with making your domain name con formal to your business and your content as well so you might enjoy the following.

Positive sides of using a conforming domain name for your business

  • . You incur lots of online advertisers
  • . Your website gets tons of returning visitors
  • . You get search traffic easily
  • . You look more professional
  • . You’ll generate new customers daily
  • . You can advertise yourself easily as your domain name only covers what you wish to offer

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Wrap up

Just as this article started, there is nothing as a failure in online presence as choosing the wrong domain name maybe because you’re still clouded with the tales of starting like Linda ikeji.

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You’re yourself and you’ll speak for yourself, choose something that suits you and equally speaks well for your business and also covers the whole idea of your online presence and not some random domain names from any thought.

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