Blogging In Nigeria: These Attributes Makes You Simply A Stupid Nigerian Blogger


I am sorry to say this but almost 98% of Nigerian newbie bloggers are stupid judging from the way they think that blogging works.

This article represents the full idea of admin.

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So many at times I do come across stupid bloggers in my career as a blogger/webmaster and I keep asking myself where are these bloggers going to and what is the thing that drives them to be misbehaving?

None of these bloggers knows exactly what they want to do online but they all know they are writing and publishing articles online.

Blogging isn’t all about making money as some other serious factors might come into play while blogging. You should consider blogging as a thing that offers you the reason to solve peoples problems and not for your own selfish interest.

These said bloggers do not have a guide, a role model, an idol, blogging idea, uniqueness, creativity, authority mindset.

Today, we have over 4 times the existing number of registered website domains but still only the ones existing before are still reaping the fruit of the blogosphere and this is because of some stupid bloggers.

“They just want to follow the bandwagon and they get crashed with it eventually”.

Note: I hope you have seen that several domain names cease existing after a year or two blogging.

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I am writing this article strictly based on my daily encounter with several stupid bloggers online and offline and equally to make these bloggers know exactly what attributes of their makes them stupid as I said.

You’re must be a stupid blogger if you do any of the following

. Venturing into blogging without plans

Just because lindaikejisblog is an entertainment blogger and she makes money you felt you can join the bandwagon?

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But I suppose you were good at something but you didn’t stop to discover what you’re good at.

If you’re making plans for blogging, make sure your plans will cover your years to earn, your domain, your hosting, your promotion and not just opening a website for a potential crash.

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Point: Instead use the capital and buy yourself some textbooks and read your books.

This is where you see a blogger without subscription in his/her Sim and he/she claims to be a blogger and they tend to spend their time listening to fake success stories and gets motivated by bullshits they read online.

Isn’t that madness?

. Thinking you can grow income from no investment

If you think you’ll make something out of nothing, may I invite you to know that several things have changed?

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Far be it from blogging, have you seen a store outlet without any goods making Amy sales?

Guess you’d say no.

First rule of rich men is “Invest to earn”.

In other words, you must spend money on anything you wish to earn money from either one way or the other you must spend money.

If you’re among those bloggers that use your feeding allowance to buy data, then you’ll write and read those articles yourself.

. Seeing paying webmaster to work for you as a sin

  • You cannot design your website
  • You cannot do your SEO setup
  • You cannot edit HTML codes
  • You cannot edit widgets in your website
  • And you cannot equally pay well for those services.
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My brother, you’re among the stupid bloggers in Nigeria. A webmaster will place his bids and you’ll say you’re not paying, and this is why several websites in Nigeria seem unkempt and this is why several of them never appear on search results and equally many don’t have good Adsense placement.

This will never make things good for you but rather worse.

. Jumping into Adsense as a full-time job

Adsense will not pay you for the first 6 months blogging and that’s if it will pay you by the first year blogging. If you’re stupid enough you’ll jump into Adsense as a full-time job and you’re getting frustrated in the end.

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Before joining Adsense you should make sure you’re doing well before with something else so you wouldn’t experience frustration in your online presence.

If you jumped into Adsense as a full-time job then you’re stupid.

. Over estimating income

Even the Nigerian pro bloggers have a limited income daily, weekly and monthly and as a stupid blogger, you’ll overestimate your expected earnings.

Some newbies think they can earn over $1,000 monthly.

If you’re overestimating your income you must be stupid.

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At this juncture, we will list the rest of the attributes that make one a stupid blogger in Nigeria basically and we wouldn’t be offering any explanations here as you could explain them to how it suits you.

  • . Borrowing money to start a blog with hope to payback In months
  • . Making use of Adsense immediately your blog is launched
  • . Not having a professional skill to add to the blogging
  • . Not having a paying job before starting blogging
  • . Not having good livelihood before starting a blog
  • . Always flooding WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups with silly updates (mostly entertainment blogs)
  • . Not believing in website promotions
  • . Staying away from advertising your website
  • . Bugging people to visit your website
  • . Believing several folktales online about how I made $10,000 in a month
  • . Believing that prolific bloggers started with nothing so you must start with nothing
  • . Using page views counter in some themes to confuse yourself
  • . Telling your friends what you’re not worth blogging
  • . Placing all your eggs in one basket
  • . Finally, thinking that magic is possible in blogging

Wrap up

If you ever fell into these groups of bloggers you must be very stupid.

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There are several protocols to follow to make good money with blogging and if by chance for one reason or another you decided to maneuver these protocols, you’ll fail finally.

And don’t forget if you do these above, you’re among the stupid Nigerian bloggers.

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