Is NewsNaira legit? A Professional Review and Insight

First, I want to ask this question, although rhetorical but “Is NewsNaira legit?”

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As far as I know and the research I conducted before writing this review is concerned, the NewsNaira income program is legit and pays their users.

I do not know why but I seem to be promoting the Refer and Earn programs until recently.

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But of course if anyone did well, he should be awarded the right accolades and besides, we are bent on providing you with the ways to make money online in Nigeria through our blog posts and we are sure doing that.

SO, you can stop asking the question Is NewsNaira legit?

With this proven fact, we can guarantee that you can now make money online in Nigeria reading news online and actually get paid and no scam just as the NNU, HIWAP and Newspay.

  • Now lets get down to business and tell you why NewsNaira is legit.

The NewsNaira Income Program was designed to take care of some percentage of idleness and poverty in the Nigeria by giving ourselves an activity to carry out at all times and a good pay for a job well done.

Which is pretty much the same thing you do daily on social medias such as Whatsapp and Facebook.

This is to say that every time you are in your free time either on a bus, relaxing by the pool side, feel like reading news online or visiting Nairaland, maybe taking an evening stroll, or whatever free time you think you have, you could use that free time to invest in sponsored posts on the NewsNaira income program and bank some little cash in your own pocket.

Can the NewsNaira ever be overemphasized? ( Is NewsNaira legit? )

Well, joining the NewsNaira Income Income cannot be over-emphasised as you would be earning even up to ₦20,000 to ₦35,000 Weekly or even more when you join NewsNaira Income Program.

But of course there are several hacks you will need to adopt to make sure you see this actually happen for you.

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Speaking of the figures above, we meant every word of it.

Read on to know better.

NewsNaira could be seen as an automated finger-licking platform where Nigerians and everyone in general come together to earn on the platform daily and get paid weekly to their Bank of their choice just for performing simple tasks they loved doing.

NewsNaira pay their readers 62.5% Affiliate Earnings to their account which can be accumulated with your daily activities for you to earn an average of ₦45,000 to ₦75,000 Weekly.

Speaking of making money online on NewsNaira income program, there are some ways which you can use to make money on NewsNaira and they are discussed below.

  • How to make money on NewsNaira income program ( Is NewsNaira legit? )

NewsNaira Income Program started operating on the 20th of January 2019 and they have been paying their readers ever since the as we have not received any complaints of any with-held payments.

As of the time of writing this review, the NewsNaira income program has paid out the sum of₦235,000 to their Active Readers/Members on NewsNaira Income Program platform.

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Several Nigerians have really benefited and still benefiting from the Newsnaira income program and some people have keyed into this business mostly the affiliate system by making it their steady ‘aside’ bonus earnings to their Bank Account.

This could sound interesting though.

I have never been too skeptical to recommend a refer and earn program but I endorsed the Nairatime, and Peervally income program and as such if you haven’t joined NewsNaira Income Program, you couldbe missing something really big.

I could advise you didnt waste much time anymore and get the balls rolling.

The fun part of NewsNaira Income Program is that, its not a quick rich scheme like several others and they didn’t ever make such claims to make you rich in just a few days as much as many other platforms do.

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Your earnings are weekly, and payments are made in parts.

You are rewarded for being part of the NewsNaira income program and you will get updated, learn and earn with the topnotch articles, facts and interesting contents that are found on the platform.

Of course there are reasons why we believe you must need to be a member of the NewsNaira income program and they are listed and explained below;

  • First reason

NewsNaira Income Program is an amazing news platform which pay its users (readers) for reading news.

Also, they pay you for visiting and contributing to our news content.

They claim to share their advertising revenue with their active readers weekly.

And if this is true, then it will be noted that no other news website does that in Nigeria as at the time of writing this report unless one comes up tomorrow.

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The top notch news and contents on this website comes from reliable sources, curated and published with respective source link which in turn gives back-link and more traffic to the source website.

This is the number one reason why you should join NewsNaira Income Program.

  • Its stable
  • Its reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Profitable
  • Its fun

You get to enjoy yourself with the stories, make friends and earn.

  • Second reason

You earn money in a passive way ( when you login to your NewsNaira Income Account, read news, daily login, comments ).

  • Third reason

You get updated daily on the trending news across the country.

Not only that, we provide you with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know.

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  • Fourth reason

You earn money by contributing comments and issues regarding the story published on NewsNaira.

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Fifth reason

You earn money when you share our sponsored post on Facebook and Twitter.

This is actually the first time I saw an income program make way for sharing sponsored post on another social media far from facebook and this is a huge add.

They assign sponsored post to members on daily basis which they can share on Facebook and Twitter and also earn for it.

Sixth reason

The best reason for joining NewsNaira Income Program is that, you earn a huge 60% affiliate commission which is ₦1,000 per referral you bring in to NewsNaira Income.

Here, I mean you earn ₦1,000 per each of your friends and family you introduce to NewsNaira Income.

So you see, making #10,000 daily is quite easy.

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Seventh reason

Don’t be afraid, Referring people is optional and you must not refer before you earn and get paid

So its up to you if you want to earn and get paid faster and bigger, then introduce few among your friends, because its easy and convincing.

Eight reason

You get Paid for doing what you love doing and have been doing for free all these years.

Now I know not everyone loves reading news but we cannot be too far from the truth by the way as everyone once in a while needs to know what is going on around them.

Yes, you have been reading news all your lives on blogs but never got paid, but now, here is an opportunity to change the game and turn the tables around.

Ninth reason

Registration fee / purchasing NewsNaira Income Program is very very affordable with just ₦1,600 – There’s no risk attached to it.

Tenth reason

The CEO of NewsNaira Income Program is a Nigerian Millionaire, a trusted entrepreneur, a philanthropist and CEO of Moggat Classifieds.

with this big name mentioned above, your fear of getting scammed could be put to bay as this is not what a scammer with such a profile will bring up.

Eleventh reason

NewsNaira Income Program publishes her Income Report for transparency for members to see how revenue is shared and paid out to eligible members.

We also have Facebook support group where will carry all active members along and resolve issues.

Twelfth reason

You can invite your friends to take part in this amazing program, and guess what?

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If they do not have money to activate their account, they can join for free using our beneficiary registration package, they will be deducted later as they start earning.

We know you could still have some questions to ask about anything and almost everything about the NewsNaira income program ad as such we have compiled below a list of FAQ to suite your need.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What is the main idea behind the establishment of

Is the company for ‘real’?

Is there anything that really proves this?


NewsNaira is a brand of publishing arm of news, stories and latest happenings around the world from our company Moggat Classifieds, an arm of information Computing and Technology Department.

The wide array of publishing styles we offer were specifically designed to assist our readers in making good returns financially while enjoying contents published by our top editors and authors of our news platform.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What does News₦ stands for?


News₦ is just an acronym of NewsNaira.

You would be seeing such short two letter words used in our members area of our platform.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

I want to become an active member of NewsNaira Reader and as well earn to my Bank Account.

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What do I need to do??


As a reputable brand of publishing brand of company that deals with the art of paying our readers for digesting our contents.

You would have to signup through the NewsNaira Income Program – Click here to get started now.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How long will I Continue to make money with NewsNaira?


NewsNaira is not a MLM Platform, HYIP, Pyramid scheme – therefore our services spreads in the great hands of publishing and news stories thereby rewarding our readers for it – we do not intend to stop this service at any point in time so you keep earning on and on.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What is NewsNaira Income?


As we strive to generated revenue from our publisher through ads.

NewsNaira is the Income Program – our publishing arm company shares income and profit with real eligible members on the NewsNaira Network.

NewsNaira Income is the virtual product a user purchases to become a Bonafide-earning user with NewsNaira Income Program

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How can I activate my account?


You can activate your account using PayStack Payment Gateway or By Purchasing a coupon from our Verified Vendors.

The paystack activation method is easy, secured and fast, all you need is your atm card and pin to make the payment.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount as earning from NewsNaira?


We pay our members to their Nigerian Bank Account.

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The minimum amount to withdraw is ₦6,000 if you have a minimum of 4 Referrals or ₦50,000 if you do not have Referrals or have less than 4 Referrals.

This can be your total NewsNaira Earnings + Affiliate Earnings .

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Who are the real eligible members of NewsNaira Income Program?


Validated members are users who have subscribed to the NewsNaira Income Program and have paid the subscription fee of ₦1,600.

To become a member of NewsNaira Income program, you must purchase the pack of ₦1,600. B

e involved in NewsNaira earning activities and also NewsNaira affiliate.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How many accounts are allowed per person? What about sharing my IP address with co-workers or family members??


Multiple accounts creation are welcome.

But you cannot refer yourself. Your second or multiple account cannot be referred by anyone.

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If you wish to have a second account, then the AFFILIATE EARNINGS goes to NewsNaira or we would close your accounts.

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As this abuse would affect other eligible users of our system.

We are not against any sharing of IP Address usage as well.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What Is NewsNaira AFFILIATE or shortform “News₦ AFFILIATE”?


NewsNaira Affiliate is the affiliate program of NewsNaira Income Program.

As an Affiliate, you earn ₦1,000 commission per the referral that comes through using your link to register on our platform, with coupons or entering your username directly on the site.

You would earn ₦1,000 for the signup fee from your referral + this includes the registration bonus attached as well that sums it up to ₦1,000.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What Is NewsNaira COUPON CODE?


NewsNaira Coupon Code is a kind of string containing characters, or alphabets or numeric.

This code is purchase by anyone from verified NewsNaira COUPON CODE Vendors out there online.

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The code can be used to instantly register any user on our platform. Simply click on the Registration link on NewsNaira and enter the code where necessary and the amount would over ride the amount you are supposed to pay and this would grant you an instant access on your account to start earning with our program.

You can purchase NewsNaira Coupon Code from our Verified Vendors here.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Can I Use Someone’s else BANK ACCOUNT for withdrawal of my funds ?


Your Bank Account details must at some point, at least correspond with your account details.

We just use this method to curb spamming.

However, do not grant anyone access to your account either by giving them your account credentials or logged access.

If we observe a double withdrawal request with separate account numbers at the same week, the account would be suspended pending verification.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How often do you pay your Readers and users on NewsNaira Income PROGRAM


We pay out every single Weekend.

Due to the numerous members on our platform, we commence payments in batches to our users from Tuesdays to Saturday of the 4th week.

We may decide to stretch the payments till Sunday due to voluminous Payments requests .

All withdrawals are processed to our users Nigerian Bank account.

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We would publish a weekly withdrawals on our Payout Sheet.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Is it compulsory to refer my friends or someone to NewsNaira Income PROGRAM before I can get paid.


Referral is Optional – There are multiple ways to earn on NewsNaira Income PROGRAM which involves your daily activities, submitting posts and stories.

However, even as you enjoy daily informative content on our platform and at the same time help you get paid, don’t you think its wise for you to refer your friends and at the same time get paid for it?

To crown it all, we pay AFFILIATES EARNERS first and we expect every NewsNaira Member to register at least 2 referrals weekly to qualify them to get paid first, though there are other ways to get earnings on NewsNaira.

Referral Is also optional on NewsNaira You must have earned up to ₦50,000 News₦ EARNINGS with 0 or less than 4 Referrals to get paid using the NON-REFERRAL Rule.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What Is NewsNaira SPONSORED Post?


NewsNaira SPONSORED POST are posts from our Advertisers that needed to be shared to your social media handles for you to get paid for the 4th week.

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NewsNaira would share the Advertising revenue with you.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )



Login to your NewsNaira MEMBER AREA. Click on SPONSORED POST and follow the instruction provided on the page.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How do I request for WITHDRAWAL of my profits and earnings to my BANK Account from NewsNaira.


Withdrawals are paid upon withdrawal request every weekend.

Login to your NewsNaira ACCOUNT > Click on WITHDRAW > Enter the amount you want to Withdrawal and submit it.

Withdrawals are subject to verification – when you place a withdrawal request and have met all conditions to be paid, you will definitely get paid otherwise you will receive a notification or mail or your withdrawal rollover to the next week for you.

You would still need to meet the requirements as well.

If your withdrawal at any point didn’t get paid to you , it means it would be rolled-over to the next week due to low Ad Revenue.

Make sure no one has access to your account when making withdrawal as multiple withdrawal request with a changed BANK Account would be subject to suspension immediately.

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QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How do I update my BANK Account details on NewsNaira Income PROGRAM


Simply place your WITHDRAWAL REQUEST using a different BANK ACCOUNT details.

We would not be responsible for payment to the wrong BANK information.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

My Referrals Got Blacklisted on NewsNaira, why?


We understand the whole concept thing as everyone do not have the mind to understand how everything works instantly.

Therefore, we try our best to explain most of the frequently asked question on our website, if by any chance we observe unserious users, making absurd, frivolous and unwelcome comments, posts – such accounts would be blacklisted and associated users.

Making reactions on our Facebook posts such as LOL, comments such as; hmmm, lol, lmao, and anything related to such reaction which proves of unseriousness among such defaulters would not be tolerated , uncultured behaviour socially would also not be tolerated – such account would be permanently banned.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

How do I Refer my friends and family to join NewsNaira Income PROGRAM


On your account dashboard, you will see your invite link on top of the page, send your friends to join you using your link or you can as well give our your username to your friends to enter in the referral username field. You would instantly earn a commission when they join the program.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

How much can I earn with NewsNaira Income PROGRAM on a maximum scale.

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Even as we strive to curate our news and stories, a member can make even up to ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 Weekly.

The more NewsNaira activities you are involved in, the more AFFILIATES you bring in to register under you, the more profits you make for yourself.

We do not tolerate the abuse of our links and any spamming activity. There’s no limit to you.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

What is the Requirements to START SELLING NewsNaira COUPONS CODE to anyone.



Click Here To Learn How To Make Use Of Your NewsNaira Coupon Code

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Is it compulsory to refer my friends or someone to NewsNaira Income PROGRAM before I can get paid.


There are multiple ways to earn on NewsNaira Income PROGRAM which involves your daily activities, submitting posts and stories.

However, even as you enjoy daily informative content on our platform and at the same time help you get paid, don’t you think its wise for you to refer your friends and at the same time get paid for it?

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Who wouldn’t rather Bank on this?

For users to WITHDRAW Without Referrals or with less than 4 Referrals, You must have earned ₦50,000 in your News₦ EARNINGS Account.


Do not in anyway miss this. Its a key chance to getting paid without referral as well. If you have done the above correctly.

Then make sure your SPONSOR POST is always posted to your Facebook and Twitter handles.

Do not miss this or delete the Previous SPONSOR POST. Its so important to us.

Minimum of 4 Referrals activates your withdrawal for week or minimum of ₦50,000 News₦ EARNINGS activates your Withdrawal.

QUESTION ( Is NewsNaira Legit )

Can Someone who stays outside Nigerian register and earn with NewsNaira Income PROGRAM ?.



Based on the structure of the kind of news and stories we want our readers to get informed with, which are all Nigerian contents, we welcome anyone anywhere to read our news platform and make money.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

We also do not pay to Bank accounts outside Nigeria.

If for any reason you can beat this odd and join the trend, then, let’s enjoy the ride together.

Welcome onboard.

Are you Convinced?

Why Don’t You Register An Account With Us Now.

START EARNING TODAY WITH JUST ₦1,600. Read News and Get Paid on

  • NewsNaira Income PROGRAM

NewsNaira Unethical Practices Policy

Trying to hack and steal NewsNaira Members users account to Earn: One thing is sure – once a platform is good – doing responsibly well – there are members who would want to take the shortcut route to earn from others.

Over last month, NewsNaira blocked 7 users whose accounts were affected by some unscrupulous persons who hacked their accounts, changed the email, password, name and try to withdraw – lol – sometimes this user thinks NewsNaira would foolishly really pay you.

Well, we cannot boast 100% accurately on this. But you see, we respect all our members so much. Once their accounts is breached – Our system automatically flags this, even if you use a different BANK Account to withdraw from it.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Do not try to do this.

You can join NewsNaira with N1,600 and learn how to earn and get referrals so you too can start earning instead of this.

Do not attempt or do this. Its regarded as spam.

Advertising that you wished to ‘sell your NewsNaira account’: Your NewsNaira account is our digital property and belongs to us.

This is what you signed up for when you created an account on the registration page. NewsNaira secures your privacy and personal data on our servers and HATES to see any user who tries to transfer it.

Your NewsNaira account is not transferable – Do not try to advertise you wish to sell your NewsNaira account.

I wonder why someone with an opportunity to earn on NewsNaira would wish to sell their account for the same ₦1600.

Its laughable and childish to do this. Well, we have CLOSED many accounts who try to do this and we would continue.

Don’t abuse the platform.

This is a violation to our terms. We deserve to be respected.

NewsNaira is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ Company : You’ve heard that NewsNaira pays. Yes we do and we would continue to pay our eligible members.

Don’t try to spam our system in the name of earning Millions Naira in one week. My dear, we are not a get-rich-quick company.

Every Member on NewsNaira get involved in almost all activities to earn and get paid for it.


Now that you know all the wrong unethical practices.

NewsNaira is becoming a brand and we want our Members to respect our rules and earn greatly with us in as much as see the light of staying with a true brand that pays.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

We love to pay our Members.

Focus on quality earnings on NewsNaira – focus on AFFILIATE EARNINGS, Read News, make constructive comments, share the SPONSOR POST, Earn from it, SUBMIT NEWS and get involved in various ways to earn.

Talk about us, share the love.

Create a NewsNaira Whatsapp group, add your friends and family – tell them to join your group and inform them about NewsNaira – show them our past payments.

Be respectful and do not spam anyone with NewsNaira link.

You can check out for more of our Frequently asked questions and answers here

Go out there and earn money!!!

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    Even a complete newcomer can do this – they’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the whole system.

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    1. Just head to the side and you will see our subscribe to us now button.

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      Thanks for dropping by I really appreciate it.

  3. Newsnaira is a very big scam just because I haven’t referred the 2 people they asked me to refer they suspended my account scamming idiots

    1. I am sorry you had to feel like this.

      Could you share s a detail of your review about them in our business email ad we will be sure to write a negative review about them to safeguard more people from scam.

      [email protected] is our business email we await your response.

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