Shoptomydoor UK, China and USA Google Adsense Pin Verification Service Stops. Here”s Why

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The above article heading also got me thinking what could have gone wrong with Adsense pin verification with Shoptomydoor services, although that was when I never got to know the reason this new update came to be.

Just before I wrote this article or picked interest in the above-said topic, something really awful happened to someone we quite knew very well and he complained bitterly.

Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

A friend of mine had a complaint that he has sent his UK Adsense pin to  Shoptomydoor for over a month and nothing have been received and he was trying other means of verifying his Google Adsense account before he stumbled on our website. But as always he demanded an explanation about the former serious issue he went through with Shoptomydoor and I was quite elated to explain everything to him but by bit.

But then, I still noticed that not everyone if no one knows about this new development with Shoptomydoor on Adsense pin verification and as such, I decided to make a very explanatory content on the issue and also offer the reason why it has to be so.

And of course, offer you a solution to this problem.

But as always, I had my digging done and I came to find out the reason they stopped verifying Google Adsense pins for users.

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Have it your way if you decided to see this company (Shoptomydoor) and maybe incompetent with the services but be it known to you that they are trying to safeguard and protect their own interest too.

If you have tried recently to verify your Google Adsense pin using shoptomydoor maybe  UK, USA or China Google Adsense and you have not received your pin, then I suppose you fell a victim of this same cause,.

So can we talk about the real deal here and leave the frivolities aside?

  • Why didn’t you receive your pin from shoptomydoor upon request?

I know some persons may say; if shoptomydoor stopped the verification of Google Adsense pin, they should stop issuing their addresses to people to make use of.


You’re right by the way.


Need I remind you that several people using their services do not use Google Adsense alone as they shop and ship several other goods and services.

Now that you know this, let us see why you didn’t receive your Google Adsense pin in the first place.

Shoptomydoor must have received your Google Adsense pin but they withheld the pin for some privacy policy reasons which we will detail as we advance further in the write-up.

So do not think your pin never got to them or their address was no longer working for shipments as you may have presumed.

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Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

With these reasons given above, then why did Shoptomydoor not send my Adsense pin to me when it arrived?

This is a very crucial and security concise question and I will try as much as I can to answer it to your satisfaction herein.

  • First, let us understand what a PIN means

A PIN is a short form for (Personal Identification Number) and as such it is supposed to be picked up by a person and not just a person but the owner PER SE.

Having a third party pick up your Google Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) from somewhere can be flagged as a spam and also a very high policy and personal terms and usage violation that no one would like to meddle with as it concerns the big MOZ Google.

So in a short detail, you are supposed to go collect your pin from the mailbox as it has to be delivered there.

Let’s take an instance here;

If Google wanted the Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) to be picked up by third parties, they could have authorized the Gmail to take the Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) but instead, they took it to a manual level of submitting it to your doorstep through a mail and not an Email.

I hope you see seriously Google do take their Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

Now, back to business;

  • Why do Shoptomydoor not send your Google Adsense pin upon receiving the pin?

Shoptomydoor made it clear and a point of duty not to pick up Google Adsense pins from people who requested them as not to breach the policy and privacy attached to the Google Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) verification.

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As such, if you needed to verify your Google Adsense pin, you will have to consult a friend or a relation in the distant country and ALAS! we could actually help you with the UK and USA Adsense pin verification.

After all, no one wants to be caught in a deep shit with the bog MOZ Google for violation of their Policy.

Hit the contact info below.

  • Wrap up

Having explained the above, now it is over to you what to choose.

Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

If you wished to try out shoptomydoor again for clarifications, then you’re welcomed to try but be rest assured, your pin will never be sent to you as it has happened to several people we do Know and their complaints made us put this piece up.

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